Cui Bono?

Things are getting so bad in Canada that even the normally willfully blind media is beginning to notice.

Canadians are currently experiencing one of the worst and longest declines in their standard of living in decades, according to a new report by the Fraser Institute.

So what is wrong with Canada?  Why is a country with a skilled workforce and abundant resources moving backwards?  The short answer is Justin Trudeau.  The long answer is Justin Trudeau’s climate policies.  To save the planet Justin is sacrificing Canadians.  He has used climate change as an excuse to cancel projects, restrict resource development, and tax Canadians in to poverty.

And, to be clear, the climate narrative is just that; an excuse.  There is no climate emergency.  Yes the climate is changing but that is completely normal.  There has never been a time in history when the earth’s climate has not changed.  At times the earth’s climate has changed just as quickly as it is changing now.  There is nothing happening now that should be considered outside the bounds of normal.

Modern western politics is about weaponing normal.  It is normal for ill seniors to die in cold and flu season yet for 3 years politicians were able to convince the public that it was abnormal and could be prevented.  To bestow eternal life on grandparents we just needed to hide in our basement and look the other way as politicians looted the public treasuries.  The same is true of climate change.  Suddenly storms are not normal.  They are completely preventable by giving up your SUV.

We let them steal and lined up for experimental injection and guess what?  Ill seniors still die in cold and flu season.  You can give up your car and eat bugs but I guarantee we will still have storms.  Climate is not controlled by humans any more than viruses are.  Climate changes are part of a much larger cycle that we are powerless to prevent.

  • This analysis suggests that it is the change in orientation of the Earth to the Sun, known as Milankovitch cycles, that is the primary driver of climate change.

  • These findings raise questions about the credibility of the existing climate change narrative.

These cycles cause both warming and cooling which is great for politicians.  They can prove either warming or cooling just by picking a different start date.  Currently they are weaponing warming but I have no doubt they will someday weaponized cooling.  That is what makes climate so useful to politicians.  There is always something happening that can be used to justify action and no way to judge whether any of it worked.  The future climate will be what it will be but you can argue it might have been different.  Therefore the insane destructive policies must have worked.

It also helps that the government controls all of the data.  When their insane policies don’t meet the stated objectives they can just go change the data.

The government says retroactively changing the historical record of Canada’s emissions every year is due to improved methods of measuring them, both past and present.

To save the planet western governments have made hydrocarbons expensive.  This has damaged economies but has not lessened our dependency on hydrocarbons because we have no substitute for hydrocarbons.  We pretend that windmills and solar panels are a substitute but they are not.  These are not new technologies.  There are good reasons we were not using them before.  Both tend to produce power when we do not need it and don’t produce power during periods of peak demand.

So why do we do it?  Why are western governments intentionally impoverishing their citizens?  To answer that question we need to ask another question.  Cui Bono, who benefits.  When you ask that question about COVID, China bubbles to the top of the list.  The lockdowns eliminated Trump, the most problematic politician China has ever had to deal with.  It also installed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Two politicians China has financial ties with.  COVID could not have worked out any better for China.

Remarkably when we ask that question about climate change we get exactly the same answer.  Western politicians are pursuing climate policies that seem to benefit no one other than China.

The glut in solar power in Australia is so big that next year solar panel owners in Sydney will have to pay 1.2c a kilowatt hour to offload their unwanted energy between 10am and 3pm. Nearly a million homes in Sydney have solar panels, but only 7% of them have batteries, which means basically, thousands of homes installed hi-tech generators that aren’t very useful. Worse, other homes were forced to pay part of the costs for them. The only winner was China.

China is playing a long game.  They purchase western politicians and get exactly what they want.  The west becomes weak and dependent on Chinese manufacturing.  There is only one way to stop this.  Stop voting for Chinese whores like Trudeau and Biden.  Politicians should pursue policies that benefit us not China.  Wouldn’t it be nice for once to ask Cui Bono and be able to answer “we do”?