The Truth is it was all planned by people who do not like you

I came across a number of interesting posts on X a couple days ago.  The first one is a vax addict trying to understand why his boosters have consistently failed to prevent COVID.  Sorry since Musk changed from to I am no longer able to embed videos.  You will need to follow each link.

To tell the truth I can’t tell if this video is real or not.  For him to have gotten 9 boosters already he would have needed to take them every 3 months.  I can’t imagine why anyone would do that but there were government agencies recommending shots every three months so I guess if he was willing to follow government it is possible.

But that is the point isn’t it?  This whole vax mania was initiated and perpetuated by government.  Here is former Calgary mayor and current leadership candidate for the provincial NDP praising the AstraZeneca jab.  You remember the AstraZeneca jab right?  You know the one recently pulled due to safety concerns.  Mayor Nenshi did fail to mention that even if you don’t take the jab you are also nearly 100% protected from dying of COVID.

The best example comes from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship.  Those people were quarantined on the ship with covid positive patients.  This was a perfect Petri dish for cultivating illness yet 83% of the people did not get infected.

If 80% of us are already immune then my chance of getting and then dying from Covid is

20% x 0.29% = 0.058%

Or put another way my chance of surviving this world ending apocalyptic pandemic is 99.942%.  I like those odds

So your chance of surviving with the vaccine is nearly 100% and your chances of surviving without the vaccine are nearly 100%.  Kind of makes you wonder what the purpose of the jab was then, doesn’t it.  Go take a look at the date on that post.  In January of 2021 it was apparent that people under 70 would not benefit from the jabs even had they worked.  It has taken more than 3 years but now even the former head of the CDC is admitting that.

We are finally starting the slow COVID reveal.  Bit by bit the truth is being released.  I don’t know if we will ever get the complete truth largely because the unvarnished truth is just too horrible.  The truth is that the COVID emergency was completely fabricated.  The people that planned and implemented COVID had political and financial objectives.  At no time was public health, your health, ever a consideration.  They did not care what happened to you.  In fact their plan depending on making as many people sick as possible.

Many of the people involved with the crime like mayor Nenshi are still involved in government.  Power may have shifted from one party or individual to another but they are all still there.  Almost every politician in Canada, regardless of political affiliation, went along with this crime.  They all have blood on their hands.  I doubt we are voting our way out of this.

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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    We could send a message. We could vote for a liberty forward populist party like the PPC, but Canadian conservatives and libertarians continually display Stockholm syndrome and vote for the establishment Conservative Party of Canada. Marxists have the NDP, and illiberal urban shitlibs have the Grits, who are controlled by the same establishment as the Tories.

    Canadians really are simple and easy to control.

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