The criminals aren’t just laughing at us they are preparing to do it again.

Congressional hearings in the US have uncovered that Anthony Fauci and his inner circle communicated with private emails and private cell phones during COVID.

Congress brought Morens to Capitol Hill today to ask why he used a Gmail account to dodge the Freedom of Informant Act (FOIA) when communicating about the COVID virus we were assured came, not from a lab, but from a guy who ate a bat salad, so that he could “delete anything he doesn’t want to see in the New York Times.”

While being questioned by Rep. James Comer, R-Ky.), Morens stammered like Joe Biden at a Girl Scout meeting. He clearly knew Congress had done its homework.

Morens was busted in a big fat felonious lie. Several actually.

Laugh with glee as Comer reads Morens’ email claiming that “Tony [Fauci] is too smart” to use his NIH email for things he doesn’t want to go public.

Is anybody really surprised by this?  Aren’t all criminals careful with how they communicate?  If COVID really was a pandemic Fauci would have nothing to hide but COVID was not a pandemic.  COVID was a criminal conspiracy and Fauci was in the middle of it.

COVID was the largest most audacious crime in history.  It was all fake and they even told us what they were going to do 6 months before they did it.  In October 2019 the WEF and Gates foundation hosted event 201.  Event 201 was to be an emergency planning exercise for a pandemic, but it really was just predictive programing.  It was an exercise to convince the public that existing pandemic response plans were inadequate to handle a serious pandemic.  They proved this by starting with the assumption that the existing plans did not work.

I shit you not.  They did an emergency response exercise with the assumption that every bit of knowledge accumulated to date was wrong.  The only thing that was right was all the things that had failed in the past.  To put it in perspective, imagine an emergency response exercise where the imagined emergency was a fire.  A rational person would say in case of a fire grab a fire extinguisher and call the fire department.  But for event 201 this would have been the wrong answer.  This fire can not be put out by fire extinguishers and firemen.  Even though every fire in history has been put out with fire extinguishers and firemen that is not the right answer for this particular fire.  For this fire we need to pour fuel on it and add fans to supply more air.

The whole thing was laughably ridiculous, but we bought it.  We threw out our old plans built on decades of hard-won experience and did every damn thing that had failed in the past.  We truly do live in the dumb ages.

Now congressional hearings have uncovered that from the first minute of the lockdowns the criminals stopped using official emails and cellphones.  Every one of them knew this was fake as they went on television to tell us how dire the situation was.  They should be in prison waiting for execution, but they are not.  They are living in luxury, and it appears they are planning to do it all again.

The only social media I use is X and I did not even start X until after Musk bought it and it looked like he might allow free speech.  So, I am a relative newby and don’t know the terminology or all the intricacies.  All I know is that when I sign on there are several posts for me to read.  Sometimes it is dominated by people I do not follow so I assume these people pay somehow to have their pearls of wisdom show up uninvited.  In the past week I have been flooded with posts from COVIDiots trying to convince me that masks work, COVID jabs are the best thing since sliced bread, and COVID is not over.

There is obviously a miss/dis/mal-information program underway.  We are headed to another lockdown just in time for the US elections which Joe Biden will win by receiving 400 million mail-in votes.

Anything they do not get punished for they will do again.  Why wouldn’t they.  They got everything they wanted last time.  We are at a decision point.  Build gallows or watch our rights disappear again.  I have saws, hammers, and even materials to donate towards option 1.  How about you?  Which one will you choose this time?