Don’t be fooled by the advertising

Just yesterday I posted about how suddenly X wants me to see posts from rabid COVIDiots.  Many of the posts extoll the benefits of COVID Jabs.  They now prevent everything, just not COVID.  There is a concerted effort to re-popularize a treatment people used to line up for that now no one in their right mind will take.  Even people duped into taking multiple jabs no longer want these products.

It is not surprising that the jabs have fallen out of favor when it is impossible to keep hiding vaccine injuries.  Almost everyone knows someone who has been injured by these products and almost weekly now papers are being published that document the carnage.  This recent paper discusses the rapid rise in autoimmune disorders since the vaccine roll outs.

As for how COVID-19 vaccine may give rise to such immunogenicity, a recent study by Li et al., has shed some light.75 The authors showed that in the lymph nodes (LNs), modified RNA sensed by MDA-5 results in the production of type I interferons (IFNs); the latter induce antigen-specific CD8+ T cell responses.75

The link between COVID jabs and autoimmune disorders is just being explored but other injuries like heart attacks, blood clots, and cancer are already well understood.  They link with Cancer is now so obvious that oncologists in multiple countries are calling for bans.

It turns out these “safe and effective” treatments are not really all that safe.  Governments forced almost 6 billion people to take an experimental treatment that we knew very little about.  Researchers are now acknowledging the depth of our ignorance.

Though correlational, her medical team surmised that the mRNA vaccine may have contributed to this presentation. The side effects of COVID-19 infection and vaccination are still incompletely understood. Though complications are rare, clinicians should be aware of presentations like this one.

Don’t you think we should have understood what we were doing before we did it?  A little bit of understanding would have gone a long way.  Millions of lives would have been saved with just a drop of common sense.  You should not force healthy people to take a treatment you know little about.

Common sense is not common in the 21st century and complete absent from almost every western government.  So, we charged ahead when caution was the right approach and now, we deal with the aftermath.

The group are collectively seeking exemplary punishment and compensation for the deaths of their children, allegedly due to the vaccine’s side-effects. The petitioners are also seeking a comprehensive review of the scientific basis behind all Covid vaccines, including the Covishield vaccine that was developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

We used to do comprehensive scientific reviews before approving new medical treatments.  Now we do them after the bodies start piling up.  That should be a lesson but sadly judging from my twitter feed it is not.  We are gearing up for another round of stupidity.  I don’t care how many people the government pays to flood my X account with pro-jab posts; I will never accept mass murder.