We still won’t admit what happened

It has taken 4 years but at least some of the legacy media has finally admitted that there was nothing natural about COVID.  The virus was engineered and so was the response.  All of the people claiming to follow the science had no knowledge of or regard for science.

The nation’s top public health official during the Covid-19 pandemic admitted that the origins of the coronavirus remain up for debate, the lab-leak theory is not a conspiracy, and that there was no scientific evidence to support the government’s social-distancing guidance.

Not a single COVID mitigation measure had a foundation in science yet anyone who pointed this out at the time was vilified.  Our governments were not following science they really just following a script written by sociopaths.  The pandemic architects had political, financial, and ideological objectives.  All of their objectives were to your detriment.  Lives were lost and fortunes were made.  It was a crime plain and simple.

Increasingly it looks like COVID was a crime no one will be punished for.  The co-conspirators have friends in high places.  Those friends have obstructed every investigation and by now much of the evidence has been destroyed.

All signs point to a lab leak. The only reason we can’t say it conclusively is because China has been allowed to destroy all evidence.

We are finally able to question the virus origins and the response but we still are not discussing something that was obvious 3 years ago.  They built this virus with the intent to release it.  The virus was for the lockdowns and the lockdowns were for the vaccine.

Again I have no smoking gun but many things taken together makes this the most likely explanation.  Even things that point to it being accidental still make sense if it was intentional.  Like the outbreak starting in China.  The logical argument is that the Chinese would not release the virus inside China.  The reality is that if China wanted to disguise their intentions, it had to be released in China.  If a virus common to Chinese Bats first appears in The US people will smell a rat (or in this case a bat).

We need to accept then that an intentional release makes as much sense as an accident.  How do we tell which it was?   In my mind these are the things that point to this being intentional.

COVID was a well-planned and orchestrated crime.  The people who committed this crime either held public office or were able to exert undue influence over those who did.  The criminals still hold all the power that is why no one has been punished.  This can’t be allowed to stand but I doubt voting will be part of the solution.