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Finally a politician that gets it

Argentina just elected a new president who is already giving the left heartburn.   Argentinian Presidential Candidate Javier Milei tells the TRUTH about ‘The Left’ pic.twitter.com/Q4aRyiPvVk — ɖʀʊӄքǟ ӄʊռʟɛʏ 🇧🇹🇹🇩 (@kunley_drukpa) August 17, 2023   I could not agree more and I have said so many times on this blog.  The left is shit and […]

People looking for reasons to kill you are not your friends

In 2016 Canada passed an assisted suicide law called Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID).  The law was in response to some wingnuts on the Supreme Court that somehow found a right to assisted suicide buried within the charter of rights and freedoms.  No sane person can read that document and find assisted suicide but we […]

Same game, different players, bigger playing field

This week it was revealed that most of the money earmarked for building new housing went to a single company for work that would have happened without all the taxpayer money. Canada keeps repeating it’s spending billions on new housing, but with who, and how does it help? Earlier this week, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia […]

Vaccine conversation hesitancy

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is holding hearings on vaccine injuries.  The testimony below is from Dr. Kimberly Biss.  Dr. Biss has seen miscarriages increase from 4% to 15% since the COVID vaccine roll outs. 🧵 THREAD: “I’ve never seen this before,” testified Dr. Kimberly Biss before Congress. Dr. Biss, an OB-GYN who has been involved […]

Compliance can be deadly

I found an excellent, although long, article of all the problems with mRNA pseudo vaccines.  You can find everything in this article discussed somewhere on my blog but it is way easier just to give this a read then go through 3 years of blog posts.  If you want to save some time you can […]

Do not accept any more lies.

Neil Oliver is on point with his latest monolog and it is simply too good not to share. #WATCH: Neil Oliver says everything they said about Covid, Climate and Ukraine was a lie. The ones who lied & caused permanent harm or de@th never face the consequences of their actions while those who go against […]

They know it is not safe

I saw this video on Twitter/X yesterday. Israeli TV News has now told the truth about the C19 vaxxines, claiming they are producing extremely high fatality levels relative to unvaxxinated, through complex “immune system erosion”#VaccineGenocide #VaccineDeaths pic.twitter.com/XfGzdgEuTZ — 🇬🇧 Johannes 🇬🇧 (@Johanne31785773) November 11, 2023 Again I don’t know if the Television broadcast is recent […]

Don’t let their sacrifices mean nothing

Today is Remembrance Day.  The day set aside for us to remember tens of thousands of Canadians who fought and even died fighting tyranny in other countries.  I am not a veteran so I don’t know what those people must think now.  I doubt they can be happy about how things turned out.  They sacrificed […]

Higher education and lower living standards

Recently some students at Concordia University staged a show of support for Israel.  Any show of support for Israel in caring, multicultural, Canada will attract people who want to kill Jews and this demonstration was no different.  This delightful gentleman showed up to call the women whores.   Montreal – November 8 – University of […]

Be frightened by abnormal not normal

We are now in cold and flu season in the northern hemisphere.  Now would be a good time to remind people that it is absolutely normal for some people to get sick during cold and flu season.  Sadly it is also normal for some people to die.  Typically the people who succumb to cold and […]