There is no way to be safe with healthy Unvaccinated People on your Continent

The most famous, or infamous, athlete in the world right now is Novak Djokovic.  Novak is one of the top tennis players in the world but that is not what is fueling the sudden interest in all things Novak.  He is famous for refusing to take a medically unnecessary treatment that has already ended the lives and careers of hundreds of high performance athletes.  Novak has thrown gasoline on the media dumpster fire by insisting that people who are not sick should be allowed to work.

In 2022 that kind of thinking is dangerously radical.  Everybody knows that unvaccinated people who are not infected can still infect and kill every vaccinated person on earth; because that’s how vaccines work right?  If I get vaccinated it makes every unvaccinated person in my country incredibly dangerous.  Vaccine centers should have 2 lines one for people who want to be vaccinated and one for people who don’t.  The people who don’t want to be vaccinated will be euthanized or the vaccines will not work.  Apparently we are vaccinating to immunize against independent rational thinking.

Thankfully for Australians their government realizes what an enormous threat a healthy uninfected person can be to their population of regular intravenous drug users.  They have pledged to deport Novak at any cost.  There is simply no way the continent can be made safe until every fit, healthy, uninfected, unvaccinated person has been removed.

Frankly I am shocked at how callous Novak is about the safety of everyone on earth.  How does he not know that the more people who are vaccinated, the more dangerously infectious unvaccinated, uninfected people become?  I mean that is why we see the most COVID in the places that have used the most vaccines right?

Just imagine how incredibly dangerous the last unvaccinated person on earth will be.  That person might be the only person left alive after everyone else dies because of his selfish decision.

I am grateful that our politicians are protecting us from healthy people.  I would rather be treated in hospital by a vaccinated symptomatic COVID carrier than a healthy unvaccinated person.  Everyone knows that when a vaccinated person sneezes or coughs on you it accelerates your recovery.  That is why this hospital has asked this symptomatic nurse to return to work without being tested.



It’s just the sick taking care of the sick. #nurse #nursesoftiktok #icu #healthcare #cdc #covid19 #helpusall #MyPlayoffPicks #backtowork #positive

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Obviously you are far safer sharing a hospital room with this nurse than you are sharing the same continent with Novak.  I have found a plot that I think clearly demonstrates my point.  Obviously COVID has been with us for way longer than we think and the only way to get rid of it is to eliminate everyone who does not have it.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Each week they take the level of idiocy to a new level. When will the riots begin? How far are people willing to bend?

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