OMG every Canadian needs to watch this video.

I never thought I would hear truth pass the lips of a Canadian Politician.  Roman Barber just proved me wrong.


Roman Barber is truly a Canadian political Unicorn.

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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    And now you know why he was kicked out of the Conservative party by the corrupt establishment. If you refuse to toe the party line, you will be excommunicated. Party whips will not tolerate free speech. There is no room for truth tellers or servants of the people in the Liberal, Conservative, or New Democrat parties.

  2. Vern Graham
    Vern Graham says:

    Bravo Mr Baber
    Your presentation of the truth is absolutely what Canadians need to hear. Unfortunately, most of it will fall on deaf ears. I have made numerous attempts to contact my MLA and MP but received no response. Please keep up the good fight on your end and we will on ours. We certainly have your back

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