Will this new Study be the Final nail in the COVID Vaccine Coffin?

4 months ago I posted a video by Dr. Ryan Cole.


Dr. Cole was one of the first people to raise the issue of immune suppression by mRNA vaccines.  He was doing blood work that showed vaccinated people had lower than normal killer T cell and N antibody levels.  Dr.  Cole did not know how the vaccines were causing this but it was clear that the vaccines were causing it.  Now 4 months later there is a paper in preprint from researchers who say that have discovered the mechanism that is causing this.


This article by Dr. Joseph Mercola is so full of medical jargon that it is hard to read but his summary is fairly straight forward.

The COVID jab causes alpha interferon suppression, which weakens your immune system. Indeed, regulators in the European Union are now warning that repeat COVID shots can weaken overall immunity.

The reason for the suppression is that the jabs “confuse” your immune system.  If they had used a viral RNA sequence in the jabs your body would recognize it as part of a virus and get rid of it before it could re-program your cells to produce the spike protein.  To avoid this they disguised the messenger RNA to look like human RNA.  Your immune system does not know what to do with it.  A toxin (the spike protein) is pouring in to your system but your body can’t find any infected cells.

In other words the only way the Jabs can be effective against COVID is if they suppress your overall immunity.  You are protected from COVID but more susceptible to everything else.  Dr. Cole warned about this months ago.  He said he was already seeing an increase in secondary infections and cancers in vaccinated patients.

This is precisely the problem with the jabs that no one is talking about.  If you turn on your TV you only need to wait mere minutes before some talking head will explain that you must be vaccinated.  Even Though it is rapidly changing there are still a disproportionate number of unvaccinated people in the ICU.  This is always used as the only metric to evaluate the vaccine.  It minimizes, although does not eliminate, the chance of a serious COVID infection.

The problem is that this is the wrong metric to use for a disease as mild as COVID, and yes in the grand scheme of things COVID is a mild disease.  COVID is far less deadly than some of the secondary infections and Cancers that can be caused by the Jabs.  What good is a cure for the common cold if it causes cancer in a small percentage of the people who use the cure?

Yesterday I watched a horribly stupid/dishonest reporter on CTV interview Jason Kenney.  The purpose of the interview was to shame Jason Kenney in to a complete lockdown and a vaccine mandate.  The talking air head thought he had a mike drop moment when he pointed out that 70% of the COVID patients in Alberta Hospitals were unvaccinated.  He thought that was an undisputable argument for forced vaccinations.  After all you can’t overwhelm your hospital with 70% unvaccinated people now can you?

The level of dishonesty displayed by this “journalist” was staggering.  First at the time of the interview unvaccinated ICU was 53.3% not 70%.  That percentage has been slowly dropping for almost 3 months as more and more vaccinated people are showing up in the ICU.  His exaggeration of the numbers was not the biggest part of the lie however.  The largest part of the lie was his omission of the total number of people in the ICU.  There are only 57 unvaccinated people in the ICU with COVID.  The CTV airhead wants to force vaccinate Albertans because 57 unvaccinated people in a province of 4.5 million are in the ICU with COVID.

We have been using this same stupid metric to judge vaccine success since the beginning of the vaccine programs.  Remember in Pfizer’s own trial more people died in the vaccine group that the placebo group.  The mRNA vaccines are like lockdowns, for every COVID death they prevent, they cause more than 1 death from some other cause.  Their benefit to public health is negative.

No one knows how long this period of suppressed immunity will last.  With regular boosters it could be permanent.  Jabbed people may be permanently more susceptible to cancer.  If you were already genetically pre-disposed to cancer this could be a death sentence.  I ran in to a friend 2 days ago who recounted the story of a person he knows.  A few weeks after the second jab they were diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  Death came a few weeks later.  This is just anecdotal evidence but it is anecdotal evidence that cannot be ignored now that the mechanism is understood.

I am not surprised by what these researchers have found.  As I said we have known for months that this was happening we just did not know why.  Now we know why.  What does surprise me is that this research was not done before we jabbed billions of people.  This is precisely why you do not use a vaccine after only 2 months of testing.  You also don’t let the companies that stand to profit from the vaccine control the testing.  Especially a company like Pfizer who has paid billions in fines for fraudulent research.

What the hell were we thinking?  Anything Pfizer does should always be examined with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Instead the FDA accepted incomplete and shoddy research with not even a cursory glance.  Canadian authorities did even less.  We have enough data now to know the COVID vaccines are simply not worth the risk.  They should have been banned months ago.

2 years ago COVID was nothing more than a bad seasonal flu.  It did not warrant bypassing established vaccine safety protocols.  Over the last 2 years, while we set aside all common sense, COVID mutated into the common cold.  The vaccines 1 year ago made no sense.  Vaccines now are downright moronic.

At most we should have seen a limited roll out to only high risk groups.  Then they should have been carefully monitored as per the conditions of the emergency Use authorization.  Instead we opted to maximize pharmaceutical profits and give them to everyone with absolutely no focus on adverse events.  We didn’t just not look, we intentionally turned our heads and looked away.  People have died and will continue to die from the lingering effects of myocarditis and immune suppression.  This is not just negligence, it is criminally negligent homicide.  It is way past time for people to go to prison over this.