Vindicating Voltaire

I have used this quote from Voltaire before.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

Voltaire said this in 1765.  In one simple sentence Voltaire described what we now know as mass formation psychosis.  257 years ago Voltaire recognized the existence and lethality of mass formation psychosis.

In the last few months our governments have been able to convince us to accept an enormous absurdity.  The majority now believe that unvaccinated people are an existential threat to mankind.  13 months ago no one was vaccinated and government wanted you to believe that no one was safe.  We must cower at home hiding behind a mask or we would all surely die from cold and flu season.  Today almost everyone is vaccinated yet still no one is safe.  Vaccinated people must cower at home and hide behind masks or they will surely die from exposure to unvaccinated people.

The longer this goes, the more absurd it gets.  As the number of unvaccinated people drops the danger each unvaccinated person poses somehow increases.  Not only do we now have a vaccine that only protects you if someone else takes it; the effectiveness goes down as more people take it.  Then somehow when the last person on earth is vaccinated the trend will be reversed.  Your vaccine will suddenly offer 100% protection the moment the last infant in Botswana is vaccinated.  Apparently Bill Gates has a vaccine effectiveness switch that he will only flip once everyone is vaccinated.

The vaccine narrative is one of the most absurd things I have heard in my lifetime.  Why would I take any medication if it only works when everyone takes it?  Unfortunately just as Voltaire warned the absurd belief has come with atrocious behavior.  Increasingly we are seeing medical professionals denying treatment to unvaccinated people and not just for COVID.  Here is a woman in the US denied a kidney transplant because of her vaccination status.

She was denied a transplant because it would weaken her immune system making her 20% more likely to die if she gets COVID post-transplant.  I am not a doctor but isn’t she 100% likely to die without the transplant?  Don’t doctors still need to take math classes?

At home in Canada a Nova Scotia woman had her appointment canceled for being an untouchable.

While an ophthalmologist has refused to treat 2 young sisters with rare eye diseases.

2 years ago the most sacred cow in Canada was universal health care.  Every Canadian must have access to exactly the same level of health care.  Nothing less and incredibly nothing more.  Now Canadian Doctors are denying health care to unvaccinated people with the support of 37% of Canadians.

The same poll found that 25% support jailing unvaccinated people.  Canadians are notoriously soft on crime.  We find any excuse to keep criminals out of prison but being unvaccinated is now an unforgivable crime.  So unforgivable that 2/3rds of Canadians want their unvaccinated neighbor held down and injected.

Canadians Have bought in to the absurdity that medications only work when someone else takes them.  That is why facts don’t matter.  These people are simply insane.  They do not live in the real world.  They exist in a fantasy world that they have constructed in their mind.  In their delusion there is a world without COVID.  The virus simply disappears when the last person gets vaccinated.

No matter how delusional people are, sooner or later reality always intrudes and when it does these people will learn some very uncomfortable things.  Things like;

It is obvious to the 1/3rd of Canadians who are not delusional that helping police forcibly inject neighbors will not stop COVID.  There is one thing, however, that these forced injections will do.  They will kill people and many of these people will be children.


Killing Children is the ultimate atrocity and is the inevitable result of accepting government driven absurdity.  Believing your atrocious actions are virtuous will not absolve your guilt.  A child killer is a child killer.  It does not matter that your weapon is a needle or that you wield it with self-righteousness.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Why are politicians consistently testing the limits of parents who just might retaliate after losing a child. I’m not afraid to admit that if something happens to one of my children there will be consequences for those politicians I feel are responsible.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    The sooner people wake up and start thinking and talking like my previous comment the sooner this garbage will end.

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