Spinning Lies will not work Forever

Someone from Alberta Health Services must be reading my blog.  Just yesterday I pointed out that COVID deaths should have started to increase 2 weeks ago and had not.  Today the very same plot has been changed to show deaths increasing from about 2 weeks ago.

That is the problem with allowing unrepentant Liars to control the information.  Remember this from 2 days ago.


The entire justification for COVID restrictions was not that they worked but that our ICUs were full.  It took nearly 2 years for the government to discover that the ICUs were not full and that Albertans were lied to.  We destroyed lives over ICU capacity even when we did not know how many people were really in the ICU.  Just as yesterday it seems we did not know how many people died from COVID this month.

Governments lie.  That much is undeniable.  In my lifetime I am not sure government has ever intentionally told the truth.  There have been a few accidental truthful disclosures which no doubt ended poorly for the people involved.  There are, however, some lies too large to cover forever.  Like the lie that the vaccines are safe.


It seems every day now we learn of another completely healthy young person who has their life ruined or ended by the vaccines.  There are also more and more experts coming forward and exposing how completely unscientific and ineffective the entire COVID response has been.


Government cannot hide their crimes forever.  Sooner or later someone will pay for these crimes.


We are at a Crossroads and the Police will determine which Path we take

Omicron is rapidly changing the COVID narrative.  It is not just unaffected by the vaccines, it seems to preferentially infect vaccinated people.  Data from multiple countries now show negative vaccine efficacy.  That alone should be reason enough to suspend the vaccine programs, passports, and mandates.  There is however something even more important that we should not forget; omicron is nothing more than the common cold.

In previous COVID outbreaks 2 weeks after infections start to rise hospitalizations and deaths start to rise.  That is not happening with omicron.  The data below is from the province of Alberta.

The green lines are the peak of each outbreak.  The red lines are the peak of hospitalizations and deaths.  You can see that peek hospitalizations and deaths occur roughly at the same time 2 weeks after the peak infections.  The omicron outbreak started 4 weeks ago that means 2 weeks ago we should have seen hospitalizations and deaths start to rise.  That is true for hospitalizations but this time deaths have remained flat.  The fact that we have so many people in hospital and no one is dying tells me most of these people are in hospital for other reasons and also happen to have COVID.

COVID has never constituted an emergency.  It started as a bad seasonal flu and in 2 years has mutated in to the common cold.  A cold that is so transmissible that 90% of the unvaccinated have already been exposed and have antibodies.


There has never been a rational argument for mass vaccinations.  Now there is no argument for vaccinations.  No one is dying and the few people who have not been exposed will be more likely to get sick if they take the vaccine.

The virus is no longer a threat and the vaccines which have always failed in the lab have now failed outside the lab.  This should be the end of the COVID road, instead we seem to be at a cross roads.  Some governments are looking for an out and backing down.  Japan, Germany, and Spain have all either rejected or softened their stance on vaccine mandates.  It is only the real sociopaths like Canadian, Australian, and Austrian politicians who are doubling down on the failed vaccines.

The amoral psychopaths in these countries like Quebec’s premier will have a fight on their hands if they continue their murderous ways.


Right now these evil bastards are smug because the police have been willing to bust heads for them.  What happens when the police start to get cold feet?  We might be seeing the first signs of that in Austria.


The police don’t want a vaccine mandate because they know there will be violence.  Police officers are becoming uncomfortable with brutalizing citizens over the common cold.

Some will dismiss this because it did not come from the police union.  The Union has not and likely will not take a stance opposing the government.  But that does not mean their members agree.  Officially unions protect workers’ rights, unofficially they do just enough to expand their base.  More union members means more union dues and higher salaries for the union leadership.  Unions are just another level of government that workers are forced to pay taxes to, and all forms of government are corrupt.

Unions exist where government legislation makes it easy for them to exist.  The government can change those rules at any time and the union leadership are well aware of this.  The senior union leadership know their high paying positions can disappear if they oppose the government on the wrong issue.  If the union leadership has to choose between their members and their own salaries they will side with the government every time.

Union leadership will not help.  We have already seen that in Calgary where the police and firefighters union did nothing to protect unvaccinated members.  That does not mean that the union members are on board.  We are at a crossroads and the path we take will depend on the police.  Not the decisions of the union but the individual decisions of the union members.  Police officers can stand down and we can go back to normal or they can charge in swinging their batons.  The next few weeks in Canada will determine how far in to tyranny we slide.


Governments are furiously spinning COVID data to hide Vaccine Injuries

It truly is stunning how quickly the COVID narrative is changing and how much effort governments are putting in to spinning the data.  With every passing day we get more governments trying to save face by correcting their COVID data.  First we have Ontario admitting that most of the COVID cases in the hospital are not in the Hospital because of COVID.


Then the Wicked Witch of the West admits that they were exaggerating the number of people in the ICU with COVID.


So why the sudden turnaround?  For nearly 2 years governments have not cared about data integrity.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Since March of 2020 I have highlighted dozens of ways that the government was manipulating data.  The people pushing this farce have been using the global warming playbook.  Take data out of context and manipulate when necessary.  For nearly 2 years this has worked swimmingly so why stop now?

The answer is obvious, falsifying the data is now working against their goal of injecting everyone quarterly until they die.  When no one was vaccinated the numbers had to remain high to scare people in to being vaccinated.  Now that almost everyone is vaccinated cases are higher than ever and it is increasingly difficult to blame that on the small minority of unvaccinated people.  Vaccinated people are falling ill in large numbers.  A friend of mine took the time to plot vaccine efficacy in Ontario.


Just as we have seen in Europe vaccine efficacy in Ontario is now negative.  My friend has family in Manitoba so he was also interested in Manitoba.  Manitoba is now also negative but as soon as that happened the Government pulled the vaccine outcome off of their website.  The Manitoba government is hiding data that they do not want their citizens to see.

In Alberta Vaccine efficacy has not turned negative yet but has been effectively zero for 3 weeks but I don’t think the zero effectiveness is what old triple W is worried about.  She is more likely worried about the disturbing trends in hospitalizations.  Currently in Alberta there has been a small increase in non ICU hospitalizations and no increase in ICU admissions for unvaccinated people.

That is not the case for Vaccinated people.  Hospital and ICU admissions are both sharply rising.

Currently in Alberta the vaccines offer no protection against infection and seem to be increasing the severity of the infection.  If Governments continue to falsely increase cases and hospital admissions, the case for vaccination will get weaker by the day.  This is a real problem for government.  Their goal has always been the vaccine passports.  That doesn’t work if you can’t force people to be vaccinated.

It is not at all surprising that we are seeing this now in Canada.  We have already seen it in many other countries.  There was a paper published in November that found 90% of countries would have had fewer infections and deaths if they had not started vaccinations.


Now thanks to Project VERITAS we know why that is.  This is an excerpt from a document that Project VERITAS received from a whistleblower.

Before the Vaccination programs began every Government in the world knew that mRNA vaccines worked poorly and produced the symptoms of the disease.  Remember anyone contracting COVID within 14 days of injection is considered unvaccinated and you do not need a positive test to be considered COVID positive.  The Doctor can confirm COVID from the symptoms.  Every country in the world saw a surge in cases and deaths after the start of vaccinations.  How many of the COVID cases and deaths were actually vaccine adverse events?

Governments are now reversing course and trying to minimize the number of COID cases and Deaths.  As I have warned multiple times for months the vaccines serve 2 purposes.  Provide a justification for vaccine passports and prolong the pandemic.  Governments just did not anticipate that the vaccines would be so embarrassingly good at prolonging the pandemic.

Omicron might just save Democracy

Jan 11th 2022 rant

In Canada the virtue signaling morons in charge are touting mandatory vaccinations.  Canada is not the first country to toy with mandatory COVID vaccinations but we just might be the last.  Take this article about Germany I found yesterday.


In November Germany announced that a vaccine mandate would be in place by February.  Now they say that it will take longer.  They simply cannot draft a law and get it passed that quickly.  I find this report to be very interesting.  Germany like every other corrupt western government has been using the fake COVID emergency to govern by decree.  They have not bothered to vote on anything else in the last 2 years why start now?  What has changed?  Why the sudden re-interest in democracy?

What has changed is omicron.  I can’t believe how fast omicron is shattering the whole vaccine narrative.  Below are the latest numbers out of Britain.  For every age group except under 18 you are now more likely to get COVID if you have been vaccinated (the red numbers).  The numbers are not even close.  People from 18 to 60 are now more than twice as likely to get COVID if they are vaccinated.

The Boosters also won’t save you.

When someone in a household tests positive for omicron they are twice as likely to infect others if they are vaccinated and more than 3 times as likely if they have had boosters.  At this point omicron is nothing more than a cold but still, why would you take something that made you 3 times more likely to get a cold?

The numbers in Wales don’t make a very good case for boosters either.  90% of Welsh are vaccinated and 60% are now boosted.  If vaccines and boosters worked it should be all but impossible to find a COVID case in wales.  The opposite is true.  Cases in Wales have gone through the roof.  New cases are more than 4 times higher than the previous pandemic peak.

Omicron is a real problem for these tyrants.  It is spreading so quickly that everyone knows someone who has had it but no one knows anyone who has had a serious illness.  Even Canadians are finally starting to admit that most people in the hospital with COVID are not in the hospital because of COVID.  They just happen to have COVID along with the more serious problem that brought them to the hospital in the first place.


Germany knows that trying to mandate vaccinations now would be a non-starter.  People will refuse to be vaccinated against a cold especially when the vaccine makes them more likely to get said cold.  Taking the vaccine mandate to a vote is a way for the government to save face.  They know they will lose the vote.  Then they can claim that the opposition parties just don’t care as much as they do.  Democracy in Germany is convenient again only because it prevents the government from shooting themselves in the foot.

If omicron helps Canadians re-discover democracy it will be a miracle worthy of a national holiday.  Thanks to the Trudeau family, Canadian democracy is dead and Canada day is meaningless.  If we follow Germany’s lead and rediscover democracy through omicron perhaps July 1st can be re-named omicron day.

You don’t need Logic to Know all of this is Wrong

I have learned a lot of things over my life.  One thing I learned a long time ago was that most people do not think like me.  To me facts matter.  I don’t care what others say I care about what the data tells me.  I used to think this was normal until I advanced in my career and was asked to supervise other engineers.  That was eye opening for me.  What I discovered was that even the majority of Engineers don’t use logic and analysis to form their opinions.  They just go with their gut, the same thing that guides most non engineers with their decision making.

Following our gut has gotten us in this mess because most people’s gut tells them to follow the herd.  We are after all a herd animal; humans have always lived in communal groups.  Unfortunately politicians understand and use this.  They know that they can’t do anything without first manufacturing the appearance of a consensus.  In our modern society with ubiquitous mass media this is far easy than it should be.

Take lockdowns for instance.  They had never been done before and had virtually zero chance of success but the government, for their own selfish reasons, wanted to enforce them.  The key as always is simply to make people believe that the herd supports lockdowns.  The government started the ball rolling by putting self-appointed “experts” on TV telling us that lock downs were the only answer.  Then the government turned their media acolytes loose.  The media “randomly” found people on the street to interview.  These people offered their opinion that if the experts say jump, we should jump.  These stories were immediately re-posted on Facebook and viola, in less than a week lockdowns became essential.  Not only that “everyone Knows they work”.

That is what makes this so difficult.  To most people facts don’t matter, consensus does.  Most people are hardwired to go with the flow.  For more than a year now I have been presenting facts even though I know it is hard to reach most people with facts.  Hey, I gotta be me, this is how my brain is wired this is how I think.  So I realize that my facts won’t convince a lot of people but what has always bothered me is that you don’t need a lot of facts or analysis to know what is happening is wrong.  I have a friend who is not as technical as I am but he laments the same thing.  He does not need to do the math to know that things do not add up.

So this has been a very long introduction to explain that today my post will be different.  Today I am not going to appeal to logic.  Today I want you to use your gut.  I found this great article written by someone whose gut is telling him this is wrong.  Please take the time to read.


You don’t really need a lot of science to know that the whole COVID narrative is wrong.  You don’t even need a lot of soul searching.  As Neil Oliver points out simple pattern recognition is enough to tell you this is not right.


We can turn the herd around as soon as each member of the herd understands just how many people are really questioning this.

It took 2 Years, 3 Jabs, and Multiple Lockdowns but People are Finally Waking

Most people are not able to look at data or events and predict a probable outcome.  Before vaccine passports were put on a single cell phone I warned what a bad Idea that would be.  It gives the Government the ability to cancel your vaccination status at any time for any reason without notice.  This reporter found that out the hard way.


She was following the quarantine for isolation after a positive test.  Unfortunately for her the cellphone app had different rules that she only discovered when she went to travel.  This is what it took for this “investigative journalist” to understand how fragile and unforgiving this system can be.  Vaccinated people are only one dead cell phone battery away from being unvaccinated.  Her incident has forced her to re-evaluate her stance on vaccine passports.  Now she thinks they should be dropped; not because they serve no public health purpose but because they have been inconvenient for her personally.

The same goes for this gentleman.  He has had enough of Doug Ford’s stupidity and very eloquently demands his resignation.


I am glad that these people have finally come around but I still need to ask what took you so long.  When it comes to vaccine passports it is obvious that allowing the government to control your movement is an enormously bad idea.  As for all other aspects of our COVID response plan, we should not be surprised that they have failed.  They had no chance of succeeding in the first place.

The SARS COV 2 virus, like all respiratory viruses, is airborne.  The implications of that are not hard to understand if you take just a moment to think.  Catching droplets makes no difference, the virus is circulating freely in the air and is much too small for almost any mask to stop.  Therefore masks cannot work.  It also means that anything short of a complete lock down will not work.  By complete lockdown I mean welding people in their homes.  Keeping grocery and big box stores open allows the virus to continue to circulate.  In fact partial lockdowns likely increased the spread.  Funneling everyone in to places where the virus was guaranteed to be circulating does not limit transmission.

Lockdowns and masks had no chance of working.  We did not need multiple lockdowns and 2 years of enforced masks to figure that out.  Ignoring all of this in the faint hope it might help until we get a vaccine was also a bad strategy.  We had no reason to believe we would ever have a vaccine.  There has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine; in fact there has never been a successful vaccine for any RNA virus.  We should not have needed to inject everyone 3 times to figure this out.  The vaccines, predictably, have not worked and finally people are starting to notice.

First we were told that the vaccines would stop transmission.  Anyone who bothered to read about how they worked knew that was a lie.  It did not take long before the numbers bore that out.  Vaccinations were always accompanied with a surge of infections.  The excuse given was this was all due to unvaccinated people.  Somehow the small minority of unvaccinated were spreading the virus far more quickly than when no one was vaccinated.  The narrative collapsed when vaccinated people started testing positive.

Next we were told that even though vaccinated can be infected and spread the virus, Vaccination was still imperative because it protected you from serious illness and death.  That narrative is now also imploding.


In Ontario now 76% of hospitalizations are vaccinated which matches exactly the vaccination rate in Ontario.  The vaccines obviously do not reduce your chance of serious illness if you still wind up in the hospital.  But what about death?  Do the vaccines still decrease your chance of dying?  The most recent data out of England shows no protection against death.

Just over 75% of all deaths are vaccinated people which is roughly equivalent to the vaccination rate in the UK.  Many of these people have had 3 shots and the boosters made no difference.  We should have expected the vaccines to fail and they have failed.  This was just as predictable as lockdown and mask failure.

Despite the extremely high probability that all of the COVID measures would fail, most could not see it.  Most people are like children.  They can’t understand that touching the hot burner is not a good idea, they need to be burnt to find out.  People are now waking up to the fact that that they have been burnt and they are starting to get angry.  How angry do you think they will be when they discover just how badly they have been burnt?  It is not just that they were forced to comply with ridiculous edicts with zero chance of success.  That alone would be bad enough but the whole truth is far worse than that.  The whole truth is that we complied with ineffective restrictions to combat a non-existent emergency.

Since March of 2020 I have been cautioning that the official COVID data is suspect.  The PCR test was prone to false positives.  The case number were always grossly overstated as were the COVID deaths.  You can print anything on a death certificate and governments were offering financial incentives to maximize the number of cases and deaths.  Some people in the media are finally exposing this fraud.


It took almost 2 years but reporters are finally starting to notice there is a difference between dying with COVID and from COVID.  Unfortunately the media has a long way to go when it comes to revealing the truth.  Much of the media is still firmly under government control like CTV in Calgary.

There appears to be some internal strife at CTV.  Someone made the mistake of printing the truth rather than spinning it.  Management quickly stepped in to quash any effort to question the narrative.  I am certain the person who wrote the first headline is looking for work this morning.

People are starting to realize that nothing has worked and they are angry.  How angry will they be when they realize government along with their media partners controlled and manipulated data to manufacture an emergency? The virus was not fake but the emergency was.  Hopefully it will not take another 2 years for this to dawn.  When it does dawn I hope people question why the government would bother to fake an emergency.  Perhaps this simple graphic can help.

There is no benign explanations for any of this.  Lockdowns, Masks, vaccines, and vaccine passports have only negative impact on overall public health.  When people finally understand government policies maximized deaths to distract us from their true purpose, anger will boil over.  It is only a matter of time before everyone realizes demanding the resignation of a fat simpleton is not nearly enough.  Prisons must be built to deal with the people who caused this or it will never end.



Omicron is another Lab Generated Government Wielded Weapon.

We have now set a precedent for vaccine safety.  Vaccines no longer need long term safety data before being approved for use.  There is also no longer a limit on the number of people a vaccine can kill before it is deemed unsafe.  Essentially anything that a pharmaceutical company develops can now be instantly sold with complete immunity from prosecution and guaranteed profits. All the pharmaceutical companies need to keep the gravy train on the tracks is a new variant or new virus and vaccine passports.

Months ago I warned about this.  I said that the vaccine passports won’t be limited to 2 jabs.  They would not even be limited to COVID.  The pharmaceutical companies don’t even need to wait for Mother Nature to produce a new variant.  They can pay scientists to do that for them.  The SARS COV 2 virus likely came from a lab, there is no reason to believe that others won’t also come from a lab.

When I warned about this months ago it might have seemed a little tin foil “hattish” but these days the only thing separating conspiracy theory from accepted fact is time.

The time needed to go from conspiracy theory to verified fact is far shorter than you think.  A friend of mine sent me this article a few days ago.


It seems there is evidence that omicron also came out of a lab.  These researchers believe this because omicron has mutated in ways that are unlikely to have happened naturally.  There is also a big gap in omicron’s evolutionary family tree.

Omicron are the red points at the top right.  Omicron’s only confirmed ancestor branched off way back in the spring of 2020 and then disappeared for 18 months.  Was omicron being manipulated in a lab for those 18 months?  These researchers think that is the most likely explanation.

Seems farfetched right?  Remember the first people to suspect the original virus was man made did so for the same reasons.  The mutations they saw in the original virus were unlikely to have occurred naturally.

The great reset crowd needed a viral boogie man to scare people in to relinquishing their rights so they release the SARS COV2 virus.  Now 2 years later with their goal in sight they have a problem.  Public sentiment is turning.  The fear is subsiding.  The Karens need to be whipped in to a new frenzy so a new variant was released.

The new virus is nothing more than a common cold but that does not matter.  The first virus was nothing more than a season flu and it got the job done.  You don’t need an actual threat.  All you need is fear and fear can be manufactured.  All you need is a compliant media and a few thousand Karens with the sniffles.

Omicron and the fear around it is just as artificial as the original virus but that has not kept governments from using it as a weapon.  Multiple countries have now or are openly considering mandatory vaccinations.  People are now being forced to take multiple jabs a year to prevent the common cold.  In Australia un-jabbed are now not even allowed to work.


The wild eyed Australian psychopath has placed unvaccinated people under house arrest.  But don’t worry this is just for a week.  I believe him completely since in the post COVID world one week is no longer 7 days.  2 weeks to flatten the curve is now 662 days and counting so I think it is safe to say that unvaccinated Australians will not be allowed to work for at least the next 331 days.  Of course most of them will have starved to death by then.  Australia is now only steps away from euthanizing anyone who will not obey.

None of this would make any sense even if the vaccines worked which they do not.  80% of all new COVID cases are among vaccinated in Alberta.  The percentage of unvaccinated in the ICU continues to decline as the percentage of vaccinated continues to rise.  Thankfully there really are not many people, vaccinated or not, in the ICU with COVID.  As of Thursday only 0.0014 percent of Albertans were in the ICU with COVID.  For 99.9986% of Albertans COVID is an annoying cold or nothing at all.

People are now being forced to take multiple shots per year for a virus that is infinitely less dangerous than the shots.  New research out of England shows that the risk of myocarditis goes up with every booster especially for men under 40.


If you extrapolate this it means that with enough boosters every man under 40 will develop myocarditis and 20% of them will die within 6.5 years of onset.  That means that 20% of men will no longer have children.  Couple this with the still births and menstrual issues and the herd culling is complete.  Since the vaccines don’t really work we will still have colds we just won’t have children.  This whole thing is insane.

A Tale of Two Tyrants

If you ask anyone in the media Belarus president Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko is a dictator.  Lukashenko is the first and only president Belarus has known since the fall of the Soviet Union.  He has stayed in office by winning multiple elections that the media ensures us were rigged in his favor.  In contrast to Lukashenko Canada’s Prime Minister is a media darling.  Trudeau is the epitome of a woke, caring leader.  Trudeau has won 3 elections with 32% of the popular vote each time.  The media tells us failing to get 2 out of every 3 voters absolutely gives Trudeau a mandate to ignore the constitution.

So Trudeau is a democratically elected leader in a free nation while Lukashenko is the dictator of a police state.  I will admit there is a distinct difference between the 2 men.  Here is Trudeau the leader of a free nation complaining again about the small minority of people who will not blindly obey his every dictate.

Trudeau says Canadians are ‘angry’ and ‘frustrated’ with the unvaccinated (msn.com)

Trudeau never misses an opportunity to threaten and demonize unvaccinated.  He justifies his rhetoric by lying about how vaccinated people are denying medical services to the vaccinated by clogging hospitals.  Currently in Alberta unvaccinated people with COVID occupy 3.7% of the available hospital beds and have exactly the same chance of contracting omicron as fully vaccinated people.  If we are cancelling medical treatments because of an extra 3.7% we should be sending Alberta Health Services executives to prison.  Still there is no denying Trudeau gets very upset with people who ask questions and are not inclined to obey his every wish.

The dictator Lukashenko was also very upset lately.  In this video he expresses his frustration that members of his government continue to violate the rights of Belarussian citizens with their nonsensical COVID edicts.


So a man the media has branded a dictator cares more about human rights and government over reach than Justin Trudeau.  What does that say about Canada?  Freedom died in Canada 2 years ago and I am not the only one who has noticed.

FERNANDO: The Failed State(s) Of Canada? – National Citizens Coalition


How many People can we Wake up in 2022?

Nothing governments have done has had any discernable impact on the spread of the virus.  That includes the Vaccine passports.  So why do we persist with things that obviously do not work?  The legacy media will tell you that the public demands vaccine passports.  I have seen multiple news broadcasts where the media pulls some deluded individual off the street to exclaim how much safer he feels now that unvaccinated people have lost their rights.

But how wide spread is this sentiment?  Do the vaccinated really want a separated society where they never associate with the unclean, unvaxxed?  Actions do really speak louder than words and by their actions I would say that most people do not like the vaccine passports.  A lawyer in Bosnia challenged their vaccine passports and won.  Bosnia no longer has vaccine passports and guess what?  Europeans are now flooding in to Bosnia for Ski vacations.


Even when we look at Canadians (the most deluded people on earth) support for vaccine passports is not as high as the media would like you to believe.


Before the vaccine passports were implemented Canadian governments had polls showing the majority did not approve.  Theoretically in a democracy elected officials are supposed to represent the people.  They are supposed to enact the will of the people as long as it does not contradict established law.  The people did not want vaccine passports but we got them anyway?  What drummer are our elected officials dancing too?  Certainly not ours.

Vaccine passports don’t work and Canadians don’t want them so why do we have them?  What purpose do they serve?  Vaccine passports are just more of the same COVID strategy; separate and isolate to establish control.


Thanks to Robert Malone and Joe Rogan there is now a lot of attention given to Mass formation Psychosis.  All I can say is it is about time.  I have been pounding this drum for nearly 2 years.  All of this was intentional.  Governments intentionally isolated us and implanted fear.  They managed to hypnotize most of the population.  Thankfully this does not work on everyone.  There are strong willed, independent thinkers who have not succumbed to the conditioning.  People like this woman.


Don’t let the government win.  Hold fast.  Do not capitulate.  The hypnotized masses are done without us.

We finally have a Health Emergency and the Media is ignoring it.

I have done multiple posts showing that since the start of vaccination programs we have been seeing unusually high deaths among younger people.  Just yesterday I posted data showing that vaccine injuries and deaths have been systematically under reported.  Examination of European data shows vaccine deaths are 20 times higher than the official numbers.  Now this morning I find this.

Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64 | Indiana | thecentersquare.com

No one tracks death trends more carefully than insurance companies.  They set insurance rates based on the statistical averages of how many deaths they can expect in each age group each year.  Insurance companies are highly profitable, they could not be without very accurate statistics.  If we really had an emergency the alarm bells would ring first in the insurance offices.  For the first time in this fake pandemic the alarm bells are ringing and ringing loudly.

We did not hear much from insurance companies before now for 2 reasons.

  1. Despite all the hand wringing by medical officials we really did not see more deaths than normal. People die every day and every cold and flu season most of those people are seniors.
  2. Seniors often do not carry life insurance. Why would they?  They no longer have financially dependent children and if they die their spouse keeps all or part of their pension income.  Insurance companies are not really impacted when seniors die.

Things changed in 2021.  Now working age people are dying in alarming numbers.  Working age people with dependents almost always carry life insurance.  Even some without dependents are rolled up in group policies paid for by their employers.  Insurance companies are now feeling the pain and that should alarm everyone.  A social welfare state cannot exist without workers to tax and our workers are dying.  If this continues the effects will be felt by everyone not just the families of the vaccine victims.

With every fake crisis I always give the same challenge to every Karen; “show me the bodies”.  I once had someone tell me that Alberta must immediately shut down all of our coal fired generation because of climate change.  Coal generated (and still generates) more than 50% of all the power in our province.  I gave them my standard challenge.  I told them that we could go to any cemetery so that they could point to the headstones of people killed by climate change.  After that I would provide them a list of millions of people who were saved and led far easier lives because of the cheap electricity the coal had provided.  The trip to the cemetery did not happen.

When the professional liars (politicians and media) told us we had a desperate viral emergency, the first thing I did was start tracking deaths.  It may be macabre but counting the bodies showed me that we did not have a problem.  One heavy cold and flu season does not herald the extinction of the human race.  Especially since the unfortunate victims were seniors.

It is sad but completely normal for seniors to die in cold and flu season.  It is also normal for some years to be worse than others.  We spent billions and destroyed lives in a misguided effort to eliminate cold and flu season.  What is happening now is not normal.  Young healthy people are dying.  We now have manufactured an emergency.  I know we are having an emergency because I can go to the cemetery and count the bodies.