Omicron is another Lab Generated Government Wielded Weapon.

We have now set a precedent for vaccine safety.  Vaccines no longer need long term safety data before being approved for use.  There is also no longer a limit on the number of people a vaccine can kill before it is deemed unsafe.  Essentially anything that a pharmaceutical company develops can now be instantly sold with complete immunity from prosecution and guaranteed profits. All the pharmaceutical companies need to keep the gravy train on the tracks is a new variant or new virus and vaccine passports.

Months ago I warned about this.  I said that the vaccine passports won’t be limited to 2 jabs.  They would not even be limited to COVID.  The pharmaceutical companies don’t even need to wait for Mother Nature to produce a new variant.  They can pay scientists to do that for them.  The SARS COV 2 virus likely came from a lab, there is no reason to believe that others won’t also come from a lab.

When I warned about this months ago it might have seemed a little tin foil “hattish” but these days the only thing separating conspiracy theory from accepted fact is time.

The time needed to go from conspiracy theory to verified fact is far shorter than you think.  A friend of mine sent me this article a few days ago.

It seems there is evidence that omicron also came out of a lab.  These researchers believe this because omicron has mutated in ways that are unlikely to have happened naturally.  There is also a big gap in omicron’s evolutionary family tree.

Omicron are the red points at the top right.  Omicron’s only confirmed ancestor branched off way back in the spring of 2020 and then disappeared for 18 months.  Was omicron being manipulated in a lab for those 18 months?  These researchers think that is the most likely explanation.

Seems farfetched right?  Remember the first people to suspect the original virus was man made did so for the same reasons.  The mutations they saw in the original virus were unlikely to have occurred naturally.

The great reset crowd needed a viral boogie man to scare people in to relinquishing their rights so they release the SARS COV2 virus.  Now 2 years later with their goal in sight they have a problem.  Public sentiment is turning.  The fear is subsiding.  The Karens need to be whipped in to a new frenzy so a new variant was released.

The new virus is nothing more than a common cold but that does not matter.  The first virus was nothing more than a season flu and it got the job done.  You don’t need an actual threat.  All you need is fear and fear can be manufactured.  All you need is a compliant media and a few thousand Karens with the sniffles.

Omicron and the fear around it is just as artificial as the original virus but that has not kept governments from using it as a weapon.  Multiple countries have now or are openly considering mandatory vaccinations.  People are now being forced to take multiple jabs a year to prevent the common cold.  In Australia un-jabbed are now not even allowed to work.


The wild eyed Australian psychopath has placed unvaccinated people under house arrest.  But don’t worry this is just for a week.  I believe him completely since in the post COVID world one week is no longer 7 days.  2 weeks to flatten the curve is now 662 days and counting so I think it is safe to say that unvaccinated Australians will not be allowed to work for at least the next 331 days.  Of course most of them will have starved to death by then.  Australia is now only steps away from euthanizing anyone who will not obey.

None of this would make any sense even if the vaccines worked which they do not.  80% of all new COVID cases are among vaccinated in Alberta.  The percentage of unvaccinated in the ICU continues to decline as the percentage of vaccinated continues to rise.  Thankfully there really are not many people, vaccinated or not, in the ICU with COVID.  As of Thursday only 0.0014 percent of Albertans were in the ICU with COVID.  For 99.9986% of Albertans COVID is an annoying cold or nothing at all.

People are now being forced to take multiple shots per year for a virus that is infinitely less dangerous than the shots.  New research out of England shows that the risk of myocarditis goes up with every booster especially for men under 40.

If you extrapolate this it means that with enough boosters every man under 40 will develop myocarditis and 20% of them will die within 6.5 years of onset.  That means that 20% of men will no longer have children.  Couple this with the still births and menstrual issues and the herd culling is complete.  Since the vaccines don’t really work we will still have colds we just won’t have children.  This whole thing is insane.