In Praise of Truckers

There is a massive Truck Convoy arriving in Ottawa today.  I have not said much about it because I was not sure it would make any difference.  We have seen leaders elsewhere in the world ignore massive protests and continue destroying democracy.  The only place anything has changed is Britain and that is only because Boris Johnson is in trouble personally.  It had nothing to do with any protests.

That is what makes it so easy for politicians to ignore protests.  Protests do not inconvenience their own lives.  Successful politicians are largely sociopaths.  They have no empathy for others.  The only suffering that matters to them is their own suffering.  Our Prime Minister is undoubtedly a sociopath.  He has little to fear from a blockade of Ottawa.  He has access to a fleet of government jets that insures his own pantry will never go empty.

For those reasons I thought the truck convoy was noble but doomed to ultimately fail.  I don’t believe that anymore.  The convoy has touched a nerve with Canadians and Politicians are reacting nervously.  First we have the Prime Moron trying to dismiss a protest involving more than 500,000 people as a fringe movement.


I especially like the part where he awkwardly explains that disagreeing with the government is unacceptable and that Canadians understand that eliminating our rights is the best way of ensuring our rights.  I am sure that makes perfect sense to anyone who was stupid enough to vote for this moron in the first place.

The prime Moron is nervous enough to dispatch his media dogs to marginalize the protest.  Here is the National Post jumping to his aid.

According to the obedient Canadian media you have no right to be upset about our government’s unlawful behavior.  Well that settles it then the truckers should just pack up and go home.  Better yet they should roll up their sleeves take the jab and be good little boys and girls just like “journalists”.

The Prime Moron is nervous because the court Eunuchs are getting uppity.  Two western Premiers have seized on the convoy as a way of deflecting blame from their own tyrannical behavior.  Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has come out urging Justin Trudeau to use common sense.

My only question is how will Jason Kenney recognize common sense?  He has none of it himself.  I doubt he knows what it is.  I am sure if he was confronted with common sense it would be confusing and disorienting for him.

Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe has also jumped on the deflection bandwagon.  Here he is very clearly explaining why the trucker mandate is unnecessary.


The Problem for Scott Moe is that everything he says about the trucker mandate also applies to every one of his government’s COVID rules.  Unvaccinated nurses were also heroes that worked through the pandemic; how many of them did he fire?

It would be impossible to be more disingenuous than Jason Kenney and Scott Moe.  They own the supply chain crisis just as much as Justin Trudeau.  Their own ridiculous, unlawful, unnecessary COVID restrictions have been hampering the supply chain for nearly 2 years.  If they were really worried about the supply chain they would drop all provincial COVID restrictions.  These two terrible human beings are just seizing the opportunity to deflect blame from their own horrible decisions.  Still it is encouraging to see them kick the prime minister when he is down.

It is not the political opportunists like Scott Moe and Jason Kenney that fill me with hope.  I get my hope from political opportunists like Bob Benzen.

Bob Benzen and every other MP and MLA in the country have offered nothing other than stone silence for the last 2 years.  They sat on the sidelines and watched mutely as the Prime Minister and Premiers destroyed Canada.  Now many of them like Benzen are speaking out.  This did not happen until the Truck Convoy started to gather public support.  Bob Benzen and the other court eunuchs did not suddenly grow a pair.  The winds are changing and they can feel it.  They are desperately scrambling to get to the front of the parade so that they can claim to be leading it.

The problem for Canadian politicians is that Canadians already know the truckers are leading this parade.  This is the most hopeful thing that has happened in my country in my lifetime.  For nearly 6 decades I have watch Canadian Government grow like a cancer.  Who thought it would be truckers that cut the cancer out?

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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    The criminal Trudeau is still clinging to the narrative that taking these jabs protects other people. Even people who consume establishment news are beginning to (slowly) understand that the experimental gene therapy shots do not stop transmission. The jabs do not stop infection. Science confirmed this many months ago.

    Any benefit of taking these jabs is limited to the person who takes it. No one else.

    Yet Trudeau continues to spread disinformation for purely political reasons. Now Trudeau has also grown comfortable with proclaiming what are acceptable views for Canadians to hold.

    We have a tyrant on our hands folks. He, along with his provincial counterparts, is responsible for the death and despair of hundreds of thousands of Canadians as a result of his reckless illegal actions.

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    I feel like I want to congratulate you! The Canadian trucker convey generating a lot of excitement in the US. We are watching this closely.

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