The only reason to take a COVID Vaccine is because your Government wants you to

If facts actually mattered the latest report out of Scotland should finally destroy the case for vaccination and boosters.  The vaccine narrative continues to change as facts on the ground contradict the government/media narrative.  First we were told that vaccines would prevent infections and stop transmission.  This was an odd claim because none of the vaccine manufacturers said this.  They all maintained that the vaccines would lead to less serious diseases.  By default that means vaccinated people would still get sick and transmit the virus and that is exactly what we have seen.

The vaccine narrative had to change so then we were told that the real reason that we must vaccinate is to protect hospitals from being overwhelmed.  The vaccine might not keep you from getting sick but it will keep you out of the hospital.  Once again our leaders are lying; are they even capable of the truth?  Here is the data from the latest Scottish report showing the hospitals are full of vaccinated and boosted people.

73% of all Patients in the hospital because of COVID are vaccinated 40% are even boosted.  Apparently the vaccines protect neither you nor the hospitals, so why are we using them?

Obviously you can’t keep this scam alive unless the narrative changes again.  The vaccine narrative might be the only thing that mutates more quickly than the virus.  I am sure now we will be told that boosters don’t keep you out of the hospital but they do keep you from dying.  The data still shows at least that much.

In Scotland Boosted people are far less likely to die than unvaccinated people.  The fly in the ointment is that double jabbed people are more likely to die than unvaccinated people.  It is hard to take your 3rd jab without taking the first 2.

The fact that boosted people are not dying right now is not a testament to the effectiveness of the boosters.  It is more a function of the temporary protection afforded from vaccines and boosters.  The initial 2 doses give 4 to 6 months protection.  The 3rd shot offers less than 3 months and when the protection wears off it disappears quickly.  Look what has happened in Alberta over the last 4 weeks.

Most new admissions to the ICU are fully vaccinated some even boosted.  The Government desperately wants you to be vaccinated and boosted.  Some people will be tempted by the numbers that show the boosters still prevent death.  These people need to realize that COVID is not the only way to die.  The temporary protection from the vaccines comes at a horrible cost.  For most people the risk of the vaccine is far higher than the risk of the virus.  Something that Dr. McCullough points out in his recent testimony.


Vaccines and Boosters make no sense for almost everyone.  Coercing people in to taking them is a criminal offense.  They do not keep you out of the hospital or keep you from dying.  They just keep you from dying of COVID and the risk of dying from COVID is not that high.  As this nurse points out she saw far more people die of government enforced medical neglect that she saw die from COVID.


The biggest killer as always is government.  Why the hell would your trust known murderers with your health?