Slaying Canadian COVID dragons

Canadians are not that smart, or if you want to be more charitable you could say that they are unaware.  Whether it is lack of intelligence or willful ignorance it does not matter.  The net result is the same.  Canadians make incredibly poor decisions and the worst decision of all time is Justin Trudeau.  Canadians ignored the consequences of their incredibly bad decision for more than 8 years.  That is all finally changing.  Reality can slap intelligence even in to a Canadian.

The reality is that Canadian standard of living is falling and the blame can be placed directly at Justin Trudeau’s feet.  His idiotic policies are making Canadians poor and he has finally worn out his welcome.  Polls consistently show the liberal party will face annihilation if they go in to another election with Justin as the leader.  But Justin does not care about his party any more than he cares about Canadians.  Justin only cares about himself and he is refusing to step aside.  He thinks he can win another election.

Justin’s refusal to go away is very problematic for legacy Canadian media that get paid to make Justin look good.  How do you polish a turd?  This is of course an impossible task.  But, since they took the money, the legacy media is trying to highlight Justin’s “accomplishments”.

Among his accomplishments are leadership through the pandemic in which Canada fared far better than the U.S. and many other developed countries, national childcare, dental and  pharmacare plans at various stages of development, legalizing pot and of course, his national carbon tax

Not a single thing on that list will be recognized by historians as an accomplishment.  I could explain why each one is not an accomplishment but the only one I want to discuss today is the one I bolded in the quote.  One of Justin’s favorite lies and easily his most repeated lie is that Canada had a superior COVID response.  It is way past time to slay this mythical dragon.

Canada’s COVID response did not produce better results than other developed countries.  The plot below shows Canada was right in the middle of the pack compared to these other developed Northern nations.

You do not need to see the plot to know that the statement had to be a lie.  Canada did exactly the same stupid ineffective things that every other country did.  How could anyone believe doing exactly the same thing would somehow produce better results just because it was done in Canada?

To be fair there are a few developed countries I left off the plot the most notable being the US and the UK.  Canada did do much better than those countries but that is only because Canada took a more passive approach to killing seniors than either the US or the UK.  5 states in the US increased the body count by placing infected seniors back in to nursing homes.  The UK’s approach was to euthanize seniors with Midazolam.  The only truthful thing that can then be said about Canada’s COVID response is that it was not as deadly as countries that were more determined to cull seniors.

Everything Justin Trudeau says is a lie.  Everything the legacy Canadian media says about Justin Trudeau and his “superior” COVID response is also a lie.  Canadians need to stop deluding themselves.  There is absolutely nothing good about Justin Trudeau or what happened in Canada during COVID.