Life lessons from COVID

The COVID scamdemic was one of our government’s most successful programs of all time.  In 4 short years senior politicians and Bureaucrats transferred billions of dollars from ordinary people into the hands of their wealthy friends. I have no doubt that a significant portion of the stolen tax money was also handed back to the people in government who facilitated the theft.

The plandemic was not just financially lucrative for the self-appointed elite it also must have been a source of endless amusement.  I am sure they laughed their ass off every time someone got assaulted for not wearing a mask.  They also must have shook their heads in disbelief as people lined up for an experimental injection that everyone knew did not work and would ruin or take the lives of millions.

The COVID abusers were enriched, entertained, and even educated by COVID.  They learned that people are far more gullible than anyone suspected and that the useful idiots far more useful than they could have imagined.  How else do you explain that people accepted house arrest for the crime of being healthy.  Or, that people would agree to regular injections as a condition of parole from their house arrest.  In short the elite learned they can steal with impunity and have a lot of fun doing it.

The general public also learned lessons from COVID.  Although, the lessons were far more painful than what happened with the elite.  Anyone who was paying attention had the opportunity to learn;

  • The government is not your friend.
  • Things done for your safety never make you safer.
  • Your neighbor will turn on you if the government tells them to.
  • Patient welfare is not even a passing consideration for many health care professionals.
  • Public health will be sacrificed for private wealth.
  • Even though you pay the police they do not work for you. They work for the government.
  • Disagreeing with government gets you arrested or trampled with horses.
  • The “science” somehow always justifies what the government wants even when the government suddenly reverses direction.

I think it is safe to say that overall COVID was an enlightening experience for everyone and the lessons are not over yet.  The supreme court of Canada handed Canadians another harsh lesson a few days ago when they refused to hear an appeal.

The Supreme Court of Canada has decided not to hear an appeal by several churches that fought Manitoba’s COVID-19 restrictions.

The Supreme Court of Canada, as per its usual practice, did not disclose details as to why it has decided not to hear the case.

Of course the Supreme Court did not explain their decision.  Why would they? Supreme Court appointments are for life.  Job security means never having to say you are sorry or explain your decisions to anyone.  Regular readers of this blog know I am no fan of the Canadian Supreme Court.  It is stocked full of partisan political hacks that collectively have a history of ignoring law and common sense in favor of progressive ideology.  So people may be shocked to learn I think, legally speaking, the court did the right thing by refusing to hear this case.

This is the hard lesson the Supreme Court is trying to impart upon Canadians.  COVID restrictions did not violate Canadians’ rights because Canadians do not have rights.  The last time Canadians were stupid enough to vote for a man named Trudeau he left us with a nasty parting gift.  When he signed into law the Charter of rights and freedoms he actually eliminated rights that Canadians held previously under British common law.  He did this by inserting a clause that says everything in the document is subject to legislation.  What that means is that nothing in the document is actually a right.  The charter is just a list of things the government might allow you to do if you behave.

the rights and freedoms in the Charter are not absolute. They can be limited to protect other rights or important national values.

Do you get it yet?  The government does not care about your health or your safety.  They certainly don’t care about your rights since you don’t have any for them to care about.  The only thing the government does care about is your money.  They care so deeply about your money that they go to great lengths get their hands on it.  The sociopaths in charge will fake an emergency, force you in to unemployment and even force medical treatments upon you if it gives them an opportunity to steal.  The police and the courts will never stop them because both institutions are designed to facilitate this theft.

The only thing that can stop the criminal enterprises of government is you.  When you finally say no it is over.  Your continued compliance will not solve anything.  It just ensures the abuse and the theft will continue.  More people need to understand the obvious lessons from the last 4 years.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    The Supreme Court deciding to not hear a case is the exact equivalent of agreeing with the lower court’s decision.

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