The Educational Opportunities of Covid

Last night as I was on my way out a story came on the news about a new study from Harvard researchers.  The study showed that the virus was airborne.  I had an appointment so I could not stop to get the details.  This morning I searched for the study online and I could not find it.  That could mean that the study was old, and the reporter was just using it now because they could not find anything new to scare people with, or that the study does not even exist.  We have seen many times already that the media has no issues with manufacturing news when it suits their purposes like this reporter for the Edmonton journal.

A reporter interviewed a doctor hoping to get the doctor to tell him how they were still overrun with Covid.  The Doctor did say that the ICU was nearly full because of the backlog of patients but the headline attributed the full ICU to Covid even though there were only 6 ICU patients in the entire province on the day of the interview.  The reporter had to put words into the doctor’s mouth to get the story she wanted; neither she nor her editor had any problem with that.

I did find some other articles from the last week about research showing the Virus to be airborne, so it is possible that the reporter is not lying about the study.  See what an optimist I am; despite a proven track record of deceit and no evidence of the study I am still willing to admit it is possible the reporter was not lying.  The details that I caught before shutting the news off were

  • The virus travels much further than 6 feet
  • HVAC systems can recirculate the virus keeping it airborne making being inside dangerous.

This all seemed very familiar.  It is like I have heard this before, on July 17th , 7 weeks ago, when the Rant team discussed this. So, 7 weeks later a group of researchers with very expensive Harvard degrees have discovered that the room seems stuffy because of the elephant standing in the middle of it.

After finally acknowledging the bleedingly obvious did the researchers use this new knowledge to draw any useful conclusions like.

  • Locking people indoors was a colossal mistake that did nothing other than help spread the virus?
  • That cloth masks, bandanas, and neck gators offer absolutely no protection from the virus, so mask mandates are nothing but empty virtue signaling from Tyrannical governments?
  • That governments spent Trillions of dollars, destroyed millions of lives, and caused death unnecessarily, pursuing policies based on the erroneous assumption that this was a close contact virus?

No, the only conclusion that they drew was that this meant it was not safe to send kids back to school.  These overeducated researchers spent months and no doubt millions to discover the obvious and then drew all the wrong conclusions.  Being Harvard educated seems to preclude common sense.  It does not seem to matter how much research is done on Covid 19; it always leads to some combination of these 3 conclusions

  1. We need to avoid all human contact
  2. We need to wear masks
  3. We can’t go to school

I am not sure if the government has thought this through.  I don’t think they understand how dangerous the 3rd conclusion is.  If we keep students out of school long enough there is a very real chance they might learn to think for themselves which will make them question the first 2 conclusions, and their Parents voting record.  If the government wants to keep the first 2 conclusions alive, they should abandon the 3rd and send us all to Harvard.

Since the government has yet not decided to fund a Harvard education for me, I have been forced to look elsewhere for educational opportunities during this end of the world pandemic.  I don’t know about you but there have been several people who have taught me some valuable lessons.

  • These Harvard researchers and Harvard alumni Naheed Nenshi have taught me that getting a degree from Harvard must be a mail in process and include internet discount coupons.
  • The media has taught me that if you can pass a lie detector you can’t be in the business.  Even careless truthfulness will not be tolerated.
  • Theresa Tam and Deena Hinshaw have taught me you don’t necessarily have to be smart to become a doctor
  • Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau have taught me that useless has no lower limit or party affiliation

We are fortunate to live in a time and place that offers so many educational opportunities outside of school.  Which is great since there is no school anyway.