The inaction of police is shameful

A few days ago I posted about Andrew Bridgen’s letter to the police asking for a meeting so that he could present information about crimes committed under the guise of COVID pandemic response.  At the time I noted that it seemed Bridgen published his letter in order to shame the police in to doing their damn job.  Now it seems Dr. Mike Yeadon is also putting pressure on the police by publishing his letter.  I do not have Dr. Yeadon’s medical background but the things he details in the letter come as no surprise to me.  It was easy for even a layman like me to see that there was no pandemic and the Jabs are not vaccines.

Put simply, there has been no pandemic. There was the normal range of illnesses in the early part of 2020 as in any other year. What was different about 2020 was that all governments, lead by the WHO, engaged in coordinated lying to their citizens.


The materials that are being called “covid1U vaccines” are obviously not vaccines. Note, there has been no pandemic.

COVID was an entirely manufactured emergency.  People died but the vast majority of them died at the hands of government.  Waste water samples have shown conclusively that the virus was around for months without producing any noticeable excess deaths.  Excess deaths did not happen until after governments stepped in with the most draconian and ineffective pandemic response in history.

Although you will never get me to say that governments are smart, the COVID response was not born from stupidity.  It was carried by stupidity.  Useful idiots inside and outside government are always eager to support stupid even dangerous things but they require direction.  The direction came from a handful of sociopaths such as Anthony Fauci who knew exactly what they were doing.

The COVID emergency had two purposes;

  1. Shut down the US economy and give a pretext for mail in ballots. Both of these were done to remove Donald Trump from office.
  2. Sell mRNA injections as vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies had spent billions developing this technology that under normal circumstances they would never be able to sell.  The only way to recover their investment was to sell these dangerous, ineffective, products under an emergency use authorization.

COVID from start to finish was a crime.  It was mass murder done for political and financial gain.  Murder for profit, had it not been committed by government, would attract intense police scrutiny.  The fact that police must now be shamed into action is a sad commentary on the true nature of modern policing.