Fortunately they lack the competence to sustain tyranny

Canada’s federal health minister, Mark Holland, recently gave his opinion that Canadians should not be allowed to use private health care.  Let’s put aside for a minute that health care is a provincial responsibility and there should not even be a federal health minister and consider his justification.

“Going and paying your way out of your circumstances creates a terrible malady for our system. Because what it means is that private carriers will take the cases that are the most profitable ones, leaving the public system eviscerated,” Holland said at a media conference. “And that is a circumstance we cannot allow.”

So Mark Holland thinks that people who do not use our public health system are destroying the system even though they still pay taxes to support the system they are not using.  If this sounds stupid to you it is because it is stupid.  Mark Holland is stupid.  You can’t become a Liberal Cabinet minister if you are not stupid.  Trudeau learned his lesson with Jody Raybould.  Cabinet ministers who are not stupid might try to stop you from doing stupid things which would derail his entire agenda.  So since the Raybould disaster Trudeau has shuffled his cabinet to ensure he has assembled the least intelligent team possible.

It is not then surprising that Mark Holland said something stupid but the question is why?  Even stupid people have reasons for speaking.  What point was Mark Holland trying to make?  What Mark Holland was trying to say is that if people have options the government has no control.  Socialized health care is not about health, it is about control.  When the government gets to choose whether or not to treat you they can make you comply with anything they want.

Supporters of public health care will be offended by what I just wrote.  They will be adamant that the government would not deny health care to anyone even though they routinely deny access.  To explain what I mean I must disclose that I am one of those terrible people destroying Canadian Health care by not using it.

I needed a new hip.  Routine activities were uncomfortable and I had both an xray and an MRI (which I also paid for out of pocket) that both showed I had no cartilage and needed a replacement.  My doctor immediately referred me to a surgeon.  A few weeks later I got a letter from AHS telling me what to expect.

  • I could not see a surgeon for 18 to 20 months.
  • Once I did see the surgeon he would decide whether or not I qualified for surgery.
  • 50% of patients do not qualify for surgery
  • If I was one of the fortunate 50% then I would wait another 18 months to get my surgery.

So nobody is denied service right?  You just have to wait.  Except that is not true, 50% are denied service.  It is either that or I must believe that family physicians and pain specialists only get the right answer 50% of the time.

Rather than wait and live with my 50% odds I found a private clinic to give me a new hip.  Or, as many Canadians would say, I jumped the queue.  But I really did not do that either.  I removed myself from the public que that I have been paying for my entire life.

That is the point of all of the government services.  Government takes your money through taxes and holds it hostage.  You only get it back in the form of services if your government deems you to be worthy.  This is a great strategy for enforcing Tyranny but currently it is falling apart.  The flaw in the strategy is that it is carrot and stick.  Comply and you will be rewarded by getting some of your money back.  But you lose your leverage when there is not money to give back in the form of services.

Progressive politicians are destroying their own control system by wasting the money it takes to run it.  The tax dollars taken hostage are gone.  The cupboard is bare.  Increasingly Canadians are paying for service that is not just denied to some it is denied to all.  Toronto residents are paying for policing that they are not allowed to use.  It has gotten so bad that police are advising that surrendering to criminals is your best option.

Toronto Police Service Constable Marco Ricciardi said, “To prevent the possibility of being attacked in your home, leave your [key] fobs at your front door because they’re breaking into your home to steal your car. They don’t want anything else.”

Soon government will tell us we are on our own for everything.  We must provide our own policing, health care, roads, and education.  At that point even Liberal supporters will question the need for taxes and government.  Progressive politicians are so incompetent they can’t even get Tyranny right.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I had a similar experience. I have only needed to use the healthcare system once in my 55 years for anything other than antibiotics. It was for a problem that in the government system would take 2 years to schedule, require surgery and a 3 day stay in hospital. It would cost the taxpayer $15,000 and have a 10% success rate. I found a doctor who had developed a new and proven treatment that cost $600 and had a 90% success rate but the government would not cover it. I paid for it, had it done in 2 weeks and was away from work for a total of 4 hours. Do the math. The government “free” method was > 225x more expensive. It is impossible to overestimate how stupid government decision makers are.

  2. Derek
    Derek says:

    On the money as usual. It is very clear these totalitarians are setting out to destroy personal autonomy. They do not want Canadians to have options.

    Imagine if the working class formed co op schools that greatly outperformed the government education system. Imagine if independent thinkers formed health care alternatives that were swift, efficient, and effective (and a hell of a lot less expensive).. Imagine if there were jurisdictions with much less oppressive taxation that canadians could flee to. Imagine a decentralised flow of information that poked holes through establishment propaganda………

    These are things that Trudeau and his ilk can not allow, lest they lose their grip on our throats.

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