Pandemic Manufacturing

Creating a pandemic is way easier than you think.  All you need is a virus and some dead people.  Remarkably the virus is actually optional.  All you really need are deaths that can be blamed on a virus and people die every day.  It is also not that difficult to increase the number of people who die.  All you need are the right drugs and absolutely no moral compass.


From start to finish the COVID pandemic response was nothing more than murder for profit.  They knew the virus would kill but released in anyway.  Lockdowns, Remdesivir, and mRNA vaccines were also known killers.  Every one of them was used anyway.

Since March of 2020 our governments chose to kill people in order to fake a pandemic.  They turned hospitals in to death camps.  If you went to the hospital you would not be helped if you could be better used as a statistic.

The government was even able increase hospital traffic by preventing people from saving themselves.  Exercise, vitamin D, HCQ, and Ivermectin all saved lives.  Every one of those things was ignored, discouraged, or outright banned.  At no point during in the last 4 years did our governments recommend or implement a single measure that would have saved lives.  This was not the result of stupidity or an accident.  The entire plan relied on the public being fearful and therefor compliant.  It was all staged, fake, and completely reprehensible.  It was mass murder.