A ray of hope or more disappointment?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have been calling for COVID prosecutions for years.  From start to finish COVID was a crime.  A deadly pathogen was released on purpose and governments designed their mitigation measures to maximize the number of people who died.  This might be hard for some people to accept but it comes down to a very simple premise; no one could possibly be that stupid.  There is no way everyone in government could be stupid enough to think their mitigation measures could have done anything other than make things worse.

For a long time I was a voice in the wilderness and after 4 years I was resigned to accepting that it would never happen.  They were going to get away with it.  No one would ever be punished for the largest crime in history.  Then yesterday there was a glimmer of hope.


Andrew Bridgen is one of the few political figures in the world speaking out about COVID crimes.  For months he has tried unsuccessfully to get the UK parliament to take action.  It looks like he has given up on parliament and went straight to the police.  This is both encouraging and disappointing at the same time.  The police should not have needed prompting when so many people were dying.  Also it is telling that Bridgen has chosen to make the letter public 2 weeks after it was sent.  That could indicate the police were ignoring his letter and he is trying to pressure them to act.

Time will tell if this is just another disappointment but if it is going to work anywhere it will work in Britain.  The British government and medical establishment took a more active role in killing than most other governments.  When they weren’t directly euthanizing seniors with Midazolam they were illegally enforcing do not resuscitate orders.

Disabled Scots felt like their lives were ‘not worth saving’ during the pandemic after Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders were secretly imposed on many of them, an inquiry has heard.

If western governments had not chosen to kill their own citizens no one would have even noticed COVID.  At worst we would have noticed a heavy cold and flu season.  Bad cold and flu seasons are not abnormal they happen almost every other year.  Despite the fact that criminals released an engineered virus it would never have rose to the level of an emergency without gross government interference and malfeasance.  There are thousands of politicians, senior bureaucrats, and even cooperating business executives that should be in prison.  Let’s hope Andrew Bridgen’s letter kicks off some long overdue justice.