Not safe, Not effective, and definitely not a Mystery

When ICUs in Canada started to fill up with Jabbed people Canadian governments chose to stop publishing statistics that referenced vaccination status.  It was very difficult to continue to claim the Jabs prevented serious illness when the ICUs were full of seriously ill people who had been foolish enough to trust government.  Thankfully the UK still has more integrity than Trudeau’s Canada and the office of National Statistics (ONS) still collects and publishes reports based on vaccine status.  The ONS has recently published a report with data up to Q1 2023.

One Problem with trying to decipher reports based on vaccination status is that the number of vaccinated people is known but the number of unvaccinated people is estimated.  Populations change.  The number of people in any demographic is affected by births, deaths, and immigration.  So, while the number of people who have shown up for vaccination is certain the number of unvaccinated people is based on current population estimates minus the vaccinated.  The current population estimates go back to the last census that is no longer accurate.  This tends to make the numbers look bad for the unvaccinated which suits the propaganda so governments make no effort to correct the numbers.

To get around this problem Will Jones of the Daily skeptic simply plotted the number of deaths in each age group with the % that were unvaccinated.  The government does not know how many unvaccinated there are but they do know how many unvaccinated died.  You can see the plots in his report here.

There are a couple very interesting things that can be concluded from the plots.  In each age group number of total deaths increased throughout 2021 while the % of those deaths that were unvaccinated fell continuously.  That means that the increased deaths were all among the vaccinated.  So as more people got vaccinated more people were dying.  This clearly shows the vaccines were killing people.

The other thing of note is that during the 2022/2023 winter deaths spiked as they always do in cold and flu season.  But, during this seasonal spike the % of unvaccinated deaths did not change.  You were no more likely to die if you were unvaccinated.  This shows vaccine efficacy to be zero just as I have been pointing out on this blog for almost 2 years.

If the vaccines don’t prevent infection but do prevent serious infection then infections may not go down but deaths should.  The ratio of deaths per infection should go down dramatically after vaccination programs start.  So did that happen?  No it did not

The ONS did not say it but they just proved that the vaccines are not safe and do not work.  Thankfully the public figured this out long ago and stopped taking these deadly shots.  Unfortunately for some people the damage is already done.  Highly vaccinated countries like the UK are still suffering increased deaths most notably from heart attacks.

‘Between 10 to 20 per cent of my heart attack patients are now under the age of 40,’ says Dr Martin Lowe, a consultant cardiologist at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and The Portland Hospital, both in London.

Even though the ONS just inadvertently proved that the jabs are deadly the medical establishment is still claiming to be baffled by the sudden rise in heart attacks.  According to them it is still a big mystery because there are so many possible contributing factors.

A number of factors are to blame, including poor diet and obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, an increase in the number of young people developing type 2 diabetes (which is associated with thicker and stickier blood which raises the risk of blood clots and, in turn, heart attacks), smoking and alcohol, says Dr Lowe.

There is of course one glaringly obvious omission form that list; the jabs.  Apparently the only thing the medical establishment knows for certain is that it cannot be the jabs.  Somehow a medical treatment known to cause blood clots and heart damage could not possibly be the cause of all the blood clots and heart damage.

No one believes this including the people who say it.  Every sane person knows this is from the Jabs but the medical establishment will not admit it because they participated in this crime.  They are all guilty of murder.  So many people need to be punished and it is look less and less certain that it will ever happen.  This is not good news.  If they are not punished they will do it again, and again, and again.

This has got to stop.  It never should have started in the first place.