Corrupt accounting did not save Capone either

The UK has a problem.  Like many western countries The UK has suffered 3 years of excess deaths ever since the COVID vaccines arrived to save Britons and every other person on the planet.  This is a problem that demands attention and the UK government has swooped in to fix it.  The UK now has much fewer excess deaths.  Such a quick fix is truly remarkable, after all government is much better at causing problems than fixing problems.  So how did the government fix this problem so quickly you might ask?  It turns out the problem is just accounting.


Astute readers might easily jump to the conclusion that this really did not fix the problem.  The same numbers of people are still dying, aren’t they?  Yes it is true that there are no fewer deaths but from the government perspective the problem is solved.  To Rishi Sunak and the UK parliament the problem was never that large numbers of people were dying.  The problem is that Andrew Bridgen would not shut up about it.

The UK government is playing accounting games in an effort to hide what they have done.  This is not at all unusual.  Governments all over the world do the same thing.  Theoretically governments exist to build infrastructure and provide security but that is not what actual governments do.  What governments do instead of things that might be beneficial to the public is create the illusion of an emergency by manipulating data.  The phony emergency is used by sociopaths within the government for their own career or financial advancement.  When or if the public notices, data is manipulated again to cover their crimes.

The largest crime any government has committed in the last 80 years is COVID and the COVID jabs.  This crime was not unique to the UK; they all did it.  That is why we can expect more countries to re-calculate excess deaths.  But, I doubt this will work.  The crime is far too large and people don’t need to rely on the corrupted accounting to see it.  Simply too many people know someone who has been injured or killed by the jabs.  The government can show negative excess deaths but it won’t change the number of funerals that people attend.

Someday accurate accounting will be done.  What it will show is that very few people died from COVID but millions died at the hands of government.  By far the most effective weapon any government wielded was the COVID jab.  That weapon was provided to the government by big Pharma whose executives must be very uneasy now.  Their entire existence is threatened by their part in this crime.

“I think when the real damage has been totally accounted for, honestly I’m not sure we’re going to even have a Pfizer anymore. I don’t think it’s going to actually look the same way. The harm that has been done by these vaccines…This is going to unfortunately go down as a very sad point in history,” Dr. Ladapo said recently regarding the DNA contamination found within mRNA vaccines.

Never trust government.  Especially when you are in bed with them the way Pfizer is.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Excellent point Richard. I would like to point people towards a Pfizer stock chart. The stock was close to $60 dollars at the start of 2022. It has now tumbled to $26. During this same time the SP 500 increased about 25%.

    The market clearly sees the problem

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