The only thing certain is that government is evil

There is an excellent climate change documentary that is being re-posted everywhere.  I would encourage everyone to watch it.  The people who made it have done a better job of explaining climate change uncertainty than anything I have seen before.  The explanations are clear and even though their experts are renowned scientists you don’t need a PHD to understand their message.  Their message is clear; the data does not support the idea that we have a climate crisis.  It does not even support the idea that greenhouse gases warm the planet.

If you have not seen it yet you can find it here.


Climate alarmists want us to believe that it has been proven beyond doubt that human activities are warming the planet.  But that is a lie.  No one has every proven this.  The reality is that when you only consider data that is not heat contaminated all of the warming seems to be due to the sun.

So how can this be?  We know that greenhouse gases absorb energy radiated from the earth’s surface that should have went straight back out in to space.  How could interrupting this outward flow of energy not warm the planet?  The real answer is that we do not know.

I bet you never heard that on the news or from government before right?  The truth is that we know that greenhouse gasses should warm the earth but we don’t know by how much.  Many scientists believe that greenhouse gases warm the planet by 33 degrees Celsius.  The estimate is based on how much energy we know is captured by the greenhouse gases and returned back to earth.   The problem is that this estimate may not be correct.

The earth is warmer than it should be but greenhouse gases can’t explain all of it.  Some scientists claim you can explain all of the warming by ignoring greenhouse gases and only consider atmospheric pressure.  Every planet or moon in our solar system with an atmosphere is warmer than it should be and they all have dramatically different compositions and pressures.  The temperatures can all be correlated by considering only distance from the sun and atmospheric pressure.  If these scientists are correct then greenhouse gases have little to no influence on the temperature of the earth.

So which theory is correct?  Do greenhouse gases have a large impact or no impact?  The truth is that we do not know and anyone who says they do know is deluded or lying.  All of this is highly uncertain and the problem is made more difficult because the warming we are trying to explain is smaller than the error in the measurements.


Jordan Petersen is not a physicist but he is absolutely correct.  Climate science is not certain.  The only reason that people believe the narrative is that they are never exposed to opposing theories.  They are also never told just how badly corrupted the data or the “science” is.  We believe climate change is a problem because we are never told that it is not.

The public’s collective ignorance about climate science is by design.  Climate change has been possibly the most useful tool invented by government.  As long as they keep us fearful and in the dark they can do anything they want.  They can raise taxes and funnel money to their friends with fake or unnecessary contracts.

There is thankfully light at the end of the tunnel.  Governments overplayed their hand with COVID.  COVID and climate change are close cousins.  They were both designed to instill fear and compliance to facilitate theft.  But COVID was so egregiously stupid that it woke people up.  More people understand that the government lies.  They lied about COVID and they lie about almost everything else.  Our governments cannot be trusted.  People now realize truth can’t be found in government or press releases and as a result they are looking elsewhere.  A video like The Cold Truth would have been ignored in 2019 but not in 2024.

We should have questioned the “certainty” of climate science years ago.  Thankfully we are doing it now and this gradual awakening could not have come too soon.  Acceptance of the “science is settled” mantra is not just wrong it is dangerous.  As Petersen points out when governments talk about saving future generations it usually ends with them killing the current generations in very large numbers.