It is not over because it was never about a virus

I recently told friends I have noticed something interesting about social media.  Comments about celebrities get a lot of engagement; comments about COVID get relatively little engagement.  Either people care little about what happened during COVID or they just want to put it behind them.  Either of these explanations is very troubling to me.

Ignoring Tyranny never makes it go away and you cannot put tyranny behind you until the people responsible are dead or in prison.  Neither of those conditions exists.  The COVID tyrants are unfortunately very much alive and not just free but in most cases still wield power or influence.   This is incredibly dangerous since while you make think COVID is over as far as the criminals are concerned COVID will never be over.

The COVID establishment is still persecuting dissidents.  Protesters in Canada are still in court and this week other prominent dissidents have faced penalties for disobedience.   Martin Kulldorff was fired by Harvard and Brazil’s ex-president Bolsonaro was arrested.


World-renowned infectious-disease epidemiologist and biostatistician Martin Kulldorff is no longer a professor at Harvard Medical School after refusing the COVID vaccine because he had infection-acquired immunity.

Kulldorff told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that after Mass General Brigham fired him, he was put on leave from his faculty position, and the university recently ended that limbo with an official termination. He said Harvard and Harvard-affiliated hospitals do not support infection-acquired immunity and would not approve his exemption requests.


Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was formally accused Tuesday of falsifying his COVID-19 vaccination data


Kulldorff was a tenured professor who found that tenure means nothing if you value truth and science over the profits of pharmaceutical companies and politicians.  Bolsonaro was a COVID and vaccine skeptic who faked his vaccination status in order to travel to the US.  As far as I can tell Brazil never had a vaccine mandate so Bolsonaro never broke any Brazilian law.  Brazil has now either become the 51st state or Bolsonaro’s arrest has nothing to do with Public safety.

People think COVID is over because the pandemic is over.  Not many people are dying of COVID anymore.  What people really need to understand is this was never about a virus.  It was also never about their safety either.  There was no pandemic.  Most deaths attributed to COVID were really people murdered by their government.  And, those governments are not done killing.  They just no longer blame it on COVID.

The political elite who have been stealing from us for years concocted COVID as an excuse to accelerate the theft.  It worked brilliantly.  COVID was the most intense period of wealth transfer in history.  Do not kid yourself.  Their greed has not been satiated.  They still want everything you have and they have no reason not to do this again.  Putting COVID behind us before we punish the guilty will guarantee that it happens again.

They don’t think it is over and you should not either.

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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    Yes, and if Trudeau gets his way, we will all be at threat of imprisonment for “hate” if we speak out in opposition. The Senate should shoot that down but probably wont. I worry for your blog.

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      I worry about my blog sometimes as well. I think the only reason it has been allowed to exist is that I don’t attract a large enough audience for them to worry. They have bigger fish to persecute.

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