Legal illegality

I came across this excellent article a few days ago.  The article is a great summary of how public health authorities got absolutely everything wrong during the pandemic.  Everything they discuss in the document can be found on this blog including this very important point.

Granting public health agencies these extraordinary powers was a major error. It, in effect, granted these agencies a license to deceive the public. Contrary to popular belief, Bjornskov and Voigt found that “the more advantages emergency constitutions confer to the executive, the higher the number of people killed as a consequence of a natural disaster, controlling for its severity.”104

COVID was never a story about a pandemic.  It is a story about how western governments used emergency regulations to circumvent law while they assaulted their own citizens.  Emergency management legislation is inherently authoritarian.  A politician can do whatever they want simply by declaring an emergency.  Below is the relevant language from the emergency management act of Alberta.


Declaration of state of emergency 18

  • The Lieutenant Governor in Council may, at any time when the Lieutenant Governor in Council is satisfied that an emergency exists or may exist, make an order for a declaration of a state of emergency relating to all or any part of Alberta.


4) Unless continued by a resolution of the Legislative Assembly, an order under subsection (1) expires at the earlier of the following:

(a) at the end of 28 days, but if the order is in respect of a pandemic, at the end of 90 days;

(b) when the order is terminated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.


An emergency can be declared at any time for any reason.  If the emergency is a pandemic the order is in effect for 3 months but can be extended indefinitely with a vote.  This means that if the government holds a majority as Jason Kenny (AKA the evil dwarf) did the emergency can be made perpetual.  Even without a successful vote the emergency can be extended by simply declaring another emergency.  There is nothing in the legislation to prevent successive declarations.

The great thing about fake emergencies is that during the emergency politicians do not need to obey any laws.  They can do anything to you that they want.

during the time that the order is in effect, this Act and the regulations made under this Act shall prevail in Alberta or that part of Alberta in respect of which the order was made.

Western Politicians did not declare an emergency to control a virus, something they can’t do anyway.  They declared an emergency to control their citizens while they transferred money to their wealthy friends.  COVID was the most successful wealth transfer in history and it happened while everyone was under house arrest for the crime of not being sick.

This will happen again.  Why wouldn’t it?  No one was punished and I am certain money found its way back to influential politicians and bureaucrats.  Most of those people still hold power and the tools they used still exist.  The people who planned this need to go to prison and all of these emergency regulations need to be scrapped.  If we don’t do that it is only a matter of time until the next fake emergency.