Say no to stupidity

Anyone who took the time to watch the documentary I linked yesterday, The Cold Truth, is probably asking themselves similar questions.  How did we allow a fringe theory that has never matched the data dominate government policy?  Why have we accepted tax increases and higher energy bills in a futile effort to alter the weather?  The answer to both those questions won’t give you much hope for the future of humanity.  This was allowed to happen because society is full of people like this.  Ladies and gentlemen I give you Greta Thunberg 2.0.


This part time cross country skier and full time stoner did not get the welcome he expected.  I have no doubt he thought he would be fawned over just as Greta was but he failed to understand the situation.  He was not a little girl in pigtails and this was not the WEF.  He was in front of one of the few politicians not inclined to make money from the climate alarmism scam.

Senator Kennedy treated this young man as the village idiot that he is.  Why did this take so long?  When the world’s richest village idiot, Al Gore, decided to champion this ridiculous theory we should not have listen.  We should have just laughed at him.  Instead we gave Gore far more attention than he deserved.  Ultimately, because we placated Gore, the stupidity escalated until an uneducated child with mental health issues somehow became a climate expert.

Centuries from now historians will debate how people with no relevant knowledge came to be heralded as experts.  An even more flummoxing question will be how these knowledge adverse people found themselves leading whole nations.  Just listen to this vacuous idiot and then if you can leave a comment to explain to me what the hell he is talking about.


Does anyone know what transnational repression is?   Is that when countries sign a bunch of nonsensical UN treaties that lowers everyone’s standard of living?  I doubt that is what Trudeau means but I guess that is the point.  No one knows what Trudeau means when he speaks because it never makes any sense.  Trudeau thinks he is a genius because no one understands the deep thoughts he gets while playing video games.  The reality is no one understands him because he is an idiot who has never had a coherent thought.

Taken together those videos are a sad commentary about the state of western democracy.  If you closed your eyes would you be able to tell the difference between the leader of a G8 country and a stoner brought in to give expert testimony about something he knows nothing about?  Life is difficult and expensive because we insist on listening to and voting for morons.  It is time to start treating the village idiot as the village idiot.  Just say no to stupid people and stupid politicians.