A Defining Moment in History

Wow, as I was publishing my last post about how the truck Convoy has frightened Justin Trudeau a friend sent me this.

Justin truly is worried.  So worried he is using COVID as a reason to hide from the protesters arriving in Ottawa today.  He is throwing our de facto prime minister, Chrystia Freeland, to the wolves.

Justin Trudeau is undeniably a moron.  To avoid a protest centered on vaccine mandates our vaccinated and boosted Prime Moron is pretending to have COVID.  Doesn’t this just prove the truckers point?  Vaccines and boosters make no difference.  If they did how the hell did Justin get COVID?

2020 to 2022 is destined to be remembered as the most stupid period in Human history.  When describing this period every history book will use a picture of Justin Trudeau.

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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    Trudeau is moronic and also devoid of humanity. Bad combo. Know what else is repellent about this statement (he’s made so many)? His urging the public to “stay safe”. He’s vaxxed, boosted, negative and does not feel sick but he still needs to “be safe” and hide from people. Obviously he is trying to set the “right example” for others. Be paranoid and irrational is the underlying message….also be a hypochondriac! Yes that’s the new normal! Be like him! NOT.

    This display of excessive safetyism is so pathetic, evidence of the erosion of intelligence, strength and character our “leaders” encourage in us, to society’s detriment and downfall.

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