Indoctrination works until the pain sets in

Bill gates is planning to cut down trees to save the planet from global warming/climate change/climate catastrophe/global boiling, or whatever the left is calling it today.  This idea is of course bat shit crazy.  It will do nothing other than harm the local environment near the decimated forests.

I saw another article this morning about this ridiculous plan and the first thing I thought was;

  1. Have we been so dumbed down by climate “science” that we will believe this nonsense?

The second thing that came to mind was;

  1. Yes we probably have been dumbed down sufficiently to believe this.

So how did we get here?  How as a society have we become stupid enough to believe cutting down entire forests will save the planet?  Why did we think the planet needed saving in the first place?  The answer to those questions is of course our public indoctrination centers schools.

I am not young so my public education ended several decades ago.  Even that far back the public schools were busy implanting very bad ideas.  I remember learning about economic systems.  My textbook had a very long list of drawbacks to capitalism with a very short list of the advantages.  In contrast the list of drawbacks to communism was short and the list of advantages was long.  The objective of the lesson was covert yet still obvious; capitalism bad, communism good.  I wish I could say things have improved but they have not.

My daughter teaches school.  She does not teach the subjective subjects that allow for the nonsense but her subjects are still part of the indoctrination protocol.  What I have learned from her lesson plans is that schools have improved their indoctrination techniques by employing a firehose.  Schools now try to jam so much information into students that they do not have time to think about any of it.  They are conditioning students to accept information given to them by authority figures without question.

As a society we would be far better off giving students half as much information and allow the time to critically analyze everything.  This would produce far better thinkers and would not allow cracks for nonsense to get in.  But what is good for society is rarely good for governments and politicians.  Producing critical thinkers is not the true purpose of public “education”.

This system works against us when all the pieces work as they have been designed.  Public education is working perfectly as designed.  We now have generations of people primed to believe nonsense like changing the weather by cutting down trees.  The problem with these carefully planned systems, however, is that reality always intrudes.  No matter how much you want to save the planet it is only a matter of time before you discover your enforced altruism is making you poor.

“This transition is not going to make us collectively richer,” Pierre Wunsch told the European Parliament in Brussels. “We should be more candid… don’t lure people into thinking that greening carries positive opportunities that could augment GDP and create millions of well-paid jobs.”

Eventually even pre-programmed people will discover the lie if the lie is destructive enough.  Sooner or later people will discover that climate change is an even larger lie than COVID.  The longer that takes though, the more damage we will suffer.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    My daughter is in grade 11 and I can vouch for schools overwhelming students by cramming massive amounts of minute details into their memory. The “education” gives them no time to learn.
    Yet the world around us was built entirely by people who were “taught” half as much. Oh, the irony!

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