The evidence is all there, time to start using it

A friend sent me this very good interview with Dr. David Martin a few days ago and I finally got around to watching it yesterday.  I have seen many interviews with David Martin but I would have to rank this as the best I have seen.  In my mind he has never stated his case more clearly than he does in this video.  None of this happened by accident.  It was intentional, carefully planned, and the planning was happening for far longer than you think.


I have been critical of Dr. Martin in the past because all of his bold talk has resulted in no prosecutions.  Now I know why.  He gave his information to everyone and no one wanted to touch it for political reasons.  This is where I diverge somewhat from Dr. Martin.  I think the politics of COVID were more important to the outcome than he does.

I agree with Dr. Martin on every point and have said so multiple times on this blog over the last 3+ years.  The only place we diverge is that Dr. Martin believes the motivation behind this crime was 100% financial.  I believe there was also a political component.  Public coffers could not have been raided as completely as they were without first getting rid of a certain troublesome politician who would have prevented it.

Getting rid of Trump was fabulously good fortune for the Chinese.  Replacing Trump with Biden and Harris is impossibly good luck.  So impossible that it is hard to believe it happened by chance.

The entire COVID response up to and including the vaccines was a well-planned crime that was implemented the minute politicians announced lockdowns and the suspension of civil liberties.  Like most crimes it could not be concealed forever.  4 years too late COVID has hit the courts and some courts have even chosen to do the right thing and follow the law.  The lockdown in Alberta and Trudeau’s invocation of the emergencies act have both been ruled to be illegal.  These and other similar court rulings are starting to spawn lawsuits.

These lawsuits have caught the attention of the law makers, the politicians who participated in this crime.  All of them are starting to realize the COVID narrative is unraveling and their role will be exposed.  If this continues people will find out how much money politicians made while murdering their own citizens.  That is why we are seeing pushback like this.  France is trying to make it illegal to say anything negative about mRNA injections.

You can’t win a lawsuit when you are not allowed to discuss the murder weapon.  Laws like this are basically an admission of guilt.  The politicians knew what they were doing was wrong.  They profited from their illegal activities and millions of people died.  This was mass murder and it cannot go unpunished.