Imbeciles don’t solve problems the cause them

Ches Crosbie is the former leader of the Newfoundland conservative party.  He was testifying at some sort of meaningless communist inquisition when he had the temerity to say this.


Several Liberal Cabinet ministers were so offended by this that they reposted it to twitter/X as a demand that that Pierre Poilievre denounce this dangerous climate denier.  Such is the arrogance of these clowns.  Not only do they claim a unilateral right to determine truth; they also believe they have the right to tell others what to say or do.

It is hard to sum up the idiocy and evil that emanates from the Trudeau liberals but it manifests as arrogance.  They don’t lead or listen.  Why would they?  They possess divine knowledge that must be preached from every pulpit.

Polling suggests that one of the main criticisms of Trudeau’s Liberals is that they preach more than they listen.

Guilbeault is the prime example of a government dominated by activists turned politicians who see themselves in a special state of grace, holding views on a morally higher plane, while their opponents are not only wrong, but unworthy.

The essence of progressiveness is to believe no one is smarter than you so you don’t need to listen.  The Trudeau liberals are the pinnacle of progressiveness.  They don’t listen, they don’t learn, and they don’t care.  They are irredeemable stupid and willfully ignorant.  There is nothing more dangerous than an idiot who thinks he is a genius and Trudeau’s cabinet is full of them.  You will not find a larger group of deluded idiots and as a group they are incredibly dangerous.

Everything the Trudeau liberals have told you about CO2 is a lie.  Although none of them are smart enough to know they are lying.  The planet has been warmer both warmer and colder than now with little to no correlation to CO2.  Storms are not getting more frequent and cow farts are not destroying the planet.  In fact we could really use more cows.

Cow manure rebuilds soils destroyed by synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals, nurturing microbial life that feeds on methane. Robust natural soils sequester more carbon dioxide than forests, yet bovines are denied any carbon credit. 

There used to be far more Bison on earth than Cows.  The Bison never destroyed the planet so common sense says cows won’t either.  Common sense also says we should not be paying Bill Gates to release chemicals when we fine industry if they do.

Bill Gates’s radical plan to “save the planet” from “climate change” by blocking out the Sun has officially launched as scientists began pumping chemicals into the sky this week.

The liberal cabinet ministers who reposted the Ches Crosbie clip thought they were scoring political points on Poilievre.  What they really did was expose otherwise indoctrinated Canadians to a little snippet of truth.  CO2 is not dangerous.  We do not need to limit CO2.  The things we are doing to limit CO2 are far more dangerous than CO2 could ever be.  Trudeau’s merry band of morons is not saving the planet from the imaginary problem of climate change.  They are just causing real problems that will need to be addressed someday.

With some luck these very real, Trudeau induced, problems don’t kill us before we get a chance to fix them.  Canada and the earth are not threatened by CO2.  It is Arrogance and stupidity that are the real threats we face.  Thankfully the problem is a geographically concentrated.  Ottawa is the epicenter.