In time all lies collapse

2 weeks ago, I posted this on social media.

The science is actually quite clear.  CO2 on its own can’t cause any more significant warming and the imagined positive feed back loops can’t be found.  It is incredible that we have wasted so much money on this obvious fraud.

I was immediately rebutted by a helpful fact checker who sent me this plot.

Well, that settles it doesn’t it?  I mean how can you argue with that plot?  It is obvious temperature rises in lockstep with increasing CO2 concentrations.  Thank God the science is finally settled.

I was about to move on and deal with things more important than the settled science of climate change but then I noticed a problem with the chart.  The temperature record is completely fabricated.

The theory says that adding CO2 will always result in increased temperatures but in the real world that has never happened.  Temperatures can fall for decades while CO2 increases.  This is a real problem for the alarmists which they solve by adjusting the temperature records.  After their adjustments there is a perfect correlation and why wouldn’t there be?  That was the sole purpose of the adjustments.

I have said many times on this blog that climate alarmism is based on fraud, but few people are aware of just how large the fraud is.  Tony Heller has run a blog for years on climate change for years.  He constantly points out that climate scientists either ignore data that does not fit the narrative or adjust it until it does.  The adjustments are not trivial.


A good rule of thumb is that if the trend only appears after the adjustments, then the trend is caused by the adjustment. Without the adjustments there is no correlation and no emergency.  If there is no emergency there is no reason to spend money trying to solve it and that is exactly what we are finally seeing.

The biggest climate bullies on the planet just got a bit smaller. There are two monster climate banker clubs in the world, and yesterday, one of them, the “Climate Action 100+” lost three of the six largest asset management funds in the world, namely JP Morgan Chase, State Street and BlackRock.

Money talks and bullshit walks but in this case even the money is walking and making a loud statement while doing so.  The con is falling apart.  The green transition is no longer profitable for investment companies.  Too many people are starting to realize the climate narrative has been nothing more than 3 decades of lies.  Lies that have already cost trillions of dollars.  Thankfully the financial bleeding is starting to slow.  The patient might just survive.