Nothing angers the left more than the truth

When I post on social media that there is no evidence the COVID jabs saved a single life the reaction is immediate and most often angry.  People get very upset if you question the jabs even though it is the truth; there is no evidence that they work.  They don’t prevent infection and they did not change the case fatality ratio (CFR).  Therefore they do not work.  It is very simple math that reveals a very simple truth.

I get the same reaction when I post that CO2 is not destroying the planet.  I get angrily rebutted by people who remind me many 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and dangerous.  Frankly I don’t care what scientists say because the data simply does not indicate we have a problem.  The earth has warmed and cooled all on its own without much connection to CO2 multiple times in the past.  How come this dangerous correlation exists now when it never did in the past?

It is true that a lie repeated often enough will be accepted as the truth.  Politicians know this, which is why they pay scientists and other experts to lie.  Lies are far more useful to politicians than truth.  Following the truth will lead to only one outcome and that outcome may not advance a political career.  A lie on the other hand can lead to a predetermined destination of the politician’s choice.

Lies are powerful tools for politicians not because they are 100% malleable but also because the public likes them so much.  Once you can get the public to believe a lie they will defend that lie with anger and even violence.

A Harvard professor said that “all hell broke loose” and he was forced to go out in public with armed security after he published a study that found no evidence of racial bias in police shootings. 

After the report was published, Fryer lived under police protection for over a month. He had a seven-day-old daughter at the time and went shopping for diapers.

Identity politics requires victims but not real victims.  Like everything else in politics it is better if the victims are perceived and not real.  Real victims would require concrete action from politicians; something as a group they are loath to do.  Perceived victims require only lip service.  Democrats in the US found it useful to promote black people as police victims.  The data simply did not support this.  Many people have pointed this out in the past but they were ignored and marginalized. A Black Ivy League professor could not be ignored so anger and intimidation ensued.

As always with these politically motivated lies the truth is actually 180 degrees from the narrative.  The COVID jabs did not save people they killed people.  Climate change is not a threat but climate change polices certainly are.  And, ironically blacks are the safest group when it comes to police shootings.

The study found that police were more than twice as likely to manhandle, beat or use some other kind of nonfatal force against blacks and Hispanics than against people of other races. However, the data also determined that officers were 23.8 percent less likely to shoot at blacks and 8.5 percent less likely to shoot at Hispanics than they were to shoot at whites.

The study concluded that there was no racial bias behind police shootings; except that is not true.  The data clearly shows, and has for quite some time, that police are more likely to shoot white people.  I will bet you have never seen that truth on the evening news, have you?

Yes, I know this post will get an angry response.  The truth always does.