Following the Science can take you to Unexpected Destinations

If you asked me 2 years ago if I was pro-vaccine I would have said yes.  In no way could I be considered an anti-vaxxer.  Even though I knew that plumbing and nutrition had a larger effect on infectious diseases than vaccines I always thought of vaccines as the coup de grâce.  Vaccines were the final stroke that eliminated viruses for good.  It is not surprising that I thought this, after all it was taught in school.

Despite being pro-vaccine I still decided not to be vaccinated for COVID.  I was pro vaccine but even more pro science.  I was aware that coronavirus vaccines have been under development for decades without success.  The rational of injecting everyone on earth with a vaccine that has not worked previously, and has no long term safety data, escaped me.

When I made my decision I knew very little about mRNA vaccines.  I decided to educate myself on mRNA vaccines.  I found many things including the fact that they are not vaccines.  This only reinforced my decision to sit on the sidelines and wait for results before I took an experimental treatment.

While sitting on the sidelines researching mRNA vaccines I also found information on traditional vaccines.  I previously posted a TED talk that clearly demonstrated that all vaccines are not created equal.  Some vaccines do cause more harm than good.  My vaccine education is completely changing my perception of vaccines.  I am now not sure any vaccine is worth the risk.  This video a friend sent me finally tipped the scales for me.


The video is long and rambles a little but the data is eye opening.  For me the first and last part of Dr. Humphries’s presentation were the most interesting parts.

Dr. Humphries opens by showing data confirming what I have said.  Infectious diseases were declining rapidly before vaccines arrived.  What I found interesting is that when you see the entire history it is hard to make a case that vaccines did anything.  You cannot prove a negative.  By that I mean you cannot prove what would have happened had we not taken vaccines.  However the trend indicates that we would have been in the same place with or without vaccines.

The video opens with data indicating there might be no benefit to vaccines.  It closes with data indicating that they could be quite harmful.  Lab data shows that immediately after vaccination multiple genes are activated.  The activated genes are different in everyone.  There is no way to predict what will happen, each person reacts differently to the vaccine.  Many of the activated genes are responsible for serious illnesses including cancer.

No one knows if this gene activation is temporary or permanent.  We don’t know this because no one will fund the necessary long term research.  Our governments will not fund research that has the potential to cast doubt on vaccines.  The official narrative is that vaccines are essential and 100% beneficial.  2 years ago I did not realize how little data there was to support this argument and how much evidence there was to refute it.

We are seeing the same behavior repeat with COVID.  The benefit of these treatments have been grossly overstated and the harmful effects are being ignored.  No one is studying the risk/benefit of the COVID jabs because they are afraid of the answer.  Everyone is sticking to the party line.  The world will end unless everyone gets jabbed.  These ridiculously unscientific statements and my own research have definitely moved me out of the pro-vaccine camp.  Thanks to COVID I may never take another vaccine.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Yep. When big pharma and fda are revolving doors being controlled by the dark overlords like gates and fauci beware!! They all get together and talk about how we are all the overpopulated problem but they are truly interested in our health?

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