Politicians are Following the Science, Their Destination is not what you think.

A friend sent me this incredible TED talk from 2018.  Dr. Christine Stabell Benn gives a short presentation of her research results.  Dr. Benn was researching overall health impacts of vaccines.  Her research provided conclusive results that have been ignored because the vaccine debate is such a political mine field.

The official narrative is vaccines are good for public health because they protect against disease.  There is a small but vocal group of dissenters who claim vaccines come with a host of detrimental side effects. Effects that governing bodies refuse to acknowledge.  Their position is that the damaging side effects outweigh the benefits of vaccination.  Dr. Benn’s research shows that different vaccines have different outcomes and depending on the vaccine either side can be correct.

Until the arrival of mRNA vaccines all vaccines fell in to 2 categories; live virus or dead virus.  Dead virus vaccines are judged to be safer since they protect against the disease but cannot cause the disease.  Dr. Benn’s work proves dead virus vaccines are far from safe.

Dr. Benn’s showed the more “dangerous” live virus vaccines improved immune function and resulted in overall health benefits.  The more “safe” dead virus vaccines were detrimental to immune system function and led to negative health outcomes.  It is all about how the vaccine trains your immune system to work.  Take a few minutes to listen to her explanation.


After watching this presentation a light went on.  First this was consistent with what I learned in grade school about the immune system.  I remember being taught that the immune system is like a muscle.  You need to use it to keep it strong.  Our immune system needs to be constantly challenged and exercised.  A live virus vaccine gives your immune system a better workout than a dead virus vaccine.  We should have expected live virus vaccines to have better overall effects.

The second thing that struck me was that this research casts serious doubt on mRNA vaccines.  The mRNA vaccines do not use a live virus.  They do not even use a whole virus, just a small piece of one (the spike protein).  If a dead virus conditions a poor immune response what does a piece of a dead virus do?

The science says that dead virus vaccines have overall negative health impacts.  They are not safe and we should not be using them.  It is pretty easy to extrapolate this to mRNA vaccines.  We should have expected that they would ultimately do more harm than good.  We should have been very cautious about using them.  Instead we decided to inject everyone on earth.

This is just one more example of how we ignored all of the science while we were following the science.  When this started we did not know much about this virus but we did know a lot about other viruses and immune system health.  Things that we had no reason to believe would not apply to this virus.  Things like;

  1. Almost all respiratory viruses are airborne

This means that masks, social distancing and partial lockdowns will have no effect.  We did all of these things when we had no reason to believe that they would work.

  1. Stress kills

Multiple studies have shown the detrimental effects of stress.  The earliest study I am aware of was done over 1000 years ago in Persia.  We have known for more than 1000 years that stress leads death and we ramped up stress with lockdowns and enforced unemployment.  Not only did we have no reason to believe that lockdowns would work we knew that they would cause death.  Something the data now clearly shows.

  1. Respiratory viruses are seasonal

The restrictions are stupid.  Restrictions during the summer are doubly stupid and did nothing but keep stress levels high.

  1. Non-sterilizing vaccines cause more problems than they solve.

The COVID vaccines are non-sterilizing.  That means they do not prevent infections.  We know these vaccines can be dangerous because the virus has time to mutate and find a way around the vaccine.  This also happens with bacteria.  Over use of narrow spectrum anti-biotics produced super bugs that cannot be treated.

We are doing the same thing with COVID now.  Leaky vaccines should only be used in targeted situations.  I.E. just vaccinate the vulnerable.  Using leaky vaccines on the general population will lead to problems.  We have known this for years, ever since chicken farmers found out the hard way.


  1. Hydroxychloroquine and other anti-parasite medications are also strong antivirals.

Anthony Fauci co-authored a paper after the first SARs outbreak that proved Hydroxychloroquine was effective.  We should have immediately tried hydroxychloroquine.  Instead we banned it.

  1. Dead virus vaccines cause more problems than they solve.

It is clear from the excess deaths in highly vaccinated countries that Dr. Benn is 100% correct.

Dead virus vaccines cause increased mortality.


The science is clear.  We should not have done anything that we have done and continue to do.  The science says that everything we have done will produce negative outcomes.  Not a damn thing that has happened is not consistent with the science.

At first I was very critical of politicians for not following the science.  Now I realize they are carefully following the science.  They are just not using the science to save lives.  Their objective is to destroy society while killing as many people as possible.  Their playbook is completely guided by the science.  If it kills use it; if it saves ban it.  It is a good thing there is not a noble prize for murder.  The candidate list would be to long to manage.