There Simply are no Words

The English language has 171,476 words in current use and 47,156 obsolete words.  English arguably has more words than any other language.  It is surprising then that there are no words to describe the level of stupidity possessed by Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw.

Alberta has announced their second complete lockdown.  During the announcement every speaker commented that it was regrettable but necessary.  They all also opined that they were confident that we could break the arc of the infection because Alberta has already done it once.  Alberta Locked down in March and by May there were very few infections.  It was not the lockdown that did this it was summer.  These narcissists are taking credit for the changing of the seasons.  What would we do without them?

Lockdowns do not work.  You can go to Ivor Cummins website and see a list of 23 academic papers that all concluded the first lockdowns had little to no effect.  Some of the papers even concluded that the lock downs increased the spread of the virus.  Add on the deaths caused by the lockdowns and you would have to conclude that the first round of lockdowns were a colossal mistake; yet here we are again.

Even if Lockdowns worked right now they are not needed.  Alberta is only days away from seeing infections fall off without a lockdown.  I showed this plot comparing Alberta to South Dakota.  I have updated the numbers current to today.

When I move The Alberta curve ahead in time the curves lie on top of each other.

Alberta is only days away from the same point in the infection when cases started to fall in South Dakota.  And South Dakota is not the only place we see the same phenomena.

All of these countries have already peaked out in infections and deaths.  This early peak is not typical of a seasonal virus.  In 2018 influenza peaked at the end of January (week 5).  See the plot below.

So why the early peak?  To understand that we need to think about epidemic vs endemic.  When a new virus arrives it can trigger an epidemic.  There is no herd immunity so many people will succumb to the virus.  As herd immunity develops the epidemic ends and the virus becomes endemic.  Endemic means something that is always around.  As I have said many times a virus does not disappear.  There was an outbreak of bubonic plague this year.  That is a virus that has been around since the 1300s.  You would have to be as stupid as Deena to think Covid 19 is going to disappear.

When a seasonal virus enters its endemic phase it re-appears every winter but the death toll is not as high as the epidemic phase because of herd immunity.  The death toll is never zero because people don’t stop aging or acquiring other medical conditions that weaken their immune system.  Our problem right now is that we never finished the epidemic phase before summer hit and stopped it.  Quite simply not enough people got sick last season largely because the virus hit in March when the season was almost over.

What we are seeing now is the tail end of the epidemic phase of the virus.  In a few days our infections will peak and fall off.  This was predictable; I discussed it back in June and reprinted that discussion on this blog.  Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw will injure themselves celebrating as they once again take credit for what nature did without regard for their stupid rules.

While those 2 disgusting individuals celebrate remember this.  They made this worse than it had to be.  I am not just talking about the unnecessary lockdown damage.  I am talking about what they did this summer.  Summer is a natural vaccine; in summer your immune system is strong and the virus is weak.  The virus does not go away but in the summer you will encounter a weak or low viral load because of all the UV light and warm moist air.  Viruses exist forever in cold, dry, dark areas and degrade quickly in hot, humid, bright conditions.  This summer we should have encouraged people to pack restaurants, bars, and patios.  The more people exposed to a weak virus in the summer the fewer people who get sick in the winter.  Instead we closed everything and cancelled Stampede.

There is no possible way that Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw could have handled this virus any worse than they have and they are not done yet.  The damage from Jason’s blundering has made him easily the worst Premier in Alberta history.  That is quite an accomplishment when you consider that he comes after Ed Stelmach, Allison Redford, and Rachael Notley.  We sure can pick them, can’t we?

To Vaccinate or Not, That is the Question, the Answer is Easy

The whole world is patiently waiting for a vaccine to Covid 1984.  Many countries have already pre-ordered enough doses and are making preparations to inoculate their entire population.  I really have to wonder why?

To be clear I am not an anti-vaxer, but I still don’t understand why you would spend time and money to vaccinate everyone.  A vaccine is a medical procedure.  Like any medical procedure it can have complications.  Most people will not have an issue with Vaccines but that is not true of all people.  I personally know 1 person that had a severe debilitating reaction to a vaccine.  Before you undergo any medical procedure you should be clear on the risk-reward.

The Risk-reward for some vaccines is obvious.  I am more than willing to incur the risk of a polio vaccine in order to eliminate the risk of polio.  The risk-reward for a Covid Vaccine is far from clear.  If you do not live in a nursing home Covid 19 presents almost no risk.  It does not matter how small the risk of the vaccine is; taking the vaccine carries more risk than the virus.  Anyone not in a nursing home has no compelling reason to take the Vaccine other than government Tyranny.

Even the small minds in Government understand that most people do not need the vaccine and many do not want it.  This is a real problem for government.  If they let most of the population go unvaccinated it will be awfully hard to justify what they have already done.  Governments all over the world have caused untold misery protection us from a virus that poses no threat to more than 99% of the population.  If people ever wake up to that the future for these Tyrants could be very unpleasant.

The government has done their risk-reward assessment for letting people opt out of the vaccine.  The risk to the government is far too high to let anyone go unvaccinated.  That is why some governments are talking about compulsory vaccination while others are opting for heavy handed coercion.  Boris Johnson has decided to grant fundamental human rights only to the vaccinated.  See the article below.

Notice that Boris calls your vaccination record a freedom pass.  That implies that you are not free now and that you can only be free by strict obedience to government.  Someone needs to give Boris a dictionary this Christmas; he obviously does not know the meaning of Freedom.

I will not be lining up to get the vaccine and that is good news for the country.  If every Canadian gets vaccinated, we need over 37 million doses and it will take months if not years to be done.  If we only vaccinate the people who are at risk the task is much smaller.  There are 143,000 Seniors living in Nursing homes who are at risk.  Vaccinating only them is a much smaller job that can be completed in weeks.

For the last 9 months we have been told that if we were a good person, we would wear masks, socially distance, and stay unemployed.  The reason we were given was that it was the only way to protect seniors.  Of course, this was and is complete and total bullshit.  None of those things protected a single senior.  If you really want to show you are a good person, it is simple.  Do not waste the time of people who are needed to vaccinate nursing home residents.  Do not get vaccinated.  When it comes to Vaccines this might be the only time when we are all in this together and that our actions might count.

Fat, Evil, and Stupid is No Way to go Through Life Chrystia

If you have not seen this you need to.  This is the most powerful woman in our country.  The most powerful woman our country has ever had.  She is the finance minister and the defacto prime minister.  Listen to what she says.

Pierre Poilievre – Folks, lock away your money. | Facebook

If you are a little hazy on what a pre-loaded stimulus is I will clear it up for you.  Chrystia Freeland defines pre-loaded stimulus as your bank account.  Isn’t Covid interesting?  Covid 1984 is the first virus in history that doesn’t take your life it just destroys it.  Your house now belongs to Jason Kenney and your Bank account belongs to Chrystia Freeland.  Next week, I guess, I will find out who owns my clothing.  Klaus Schwab was half right when he said in the future you would not own anything and you would be happy about it.

Chrystia is very clear she thinks that it should be her job to spend your money because you have not.  She has come to the startling revelation that when no one spends money the economy suffers.  You would think she needed to understand this before being made finance minister.  Now she is looking for Ideas on how to get people spending again.  Here is an idea Chystia, why don’t you and the rest of your merry band of morons resign and get the hell out of the way.  That would work swimmingly.

Back in March the Trudeau/Freeland government threatened the provinces; shut down your economies or the liberals will declare a national emergency and do it for you.  All of the Premiers fell in line even Alberta’s tough talking pretender Jason Kenney. To please their federal overloads the provincial governments shut down stores, travel, and restaurants.  They shut down everything but nursing homes to combat a virus that only kills people in nursing homes.

The hospitality industry was hit harder than any other single industry.  Chrystia forced the provinces to destroy the hospitality industry and now she wants access to your bank account to save the hospitality industry.  Why is it with politicians that I always find myself asking the same question; is she that stupid or that evil?

Donald Trump may or may not be on his way out in the US.  Love him or hate him you have to admit he had the American economy on fire.  All it took was cutting regulations and taxes.  In short Trump succeeded by allowing people to keep more of their money and making it easier to spend.  Chrystia thinks she can boost the economy by making it impossible for you to spend your money and then taking it from you.  Evil or stupid you decide.

Mask Mathematics, Unlike Politicians Math Does Not Lie

Mask Mandates are now almost universal.  Joe Biden has said that when/if he takes office he will make masks mandatory everywhere in the United States for 100 days.  Joe is a senile idiot but he has a few people around him that can use a calendar.  100 days from January 20th is April 30th.  By May all of the northern states will be out of cold and flu season, Covid cases will drop off naturally and Joe will break a hip celebrating how he saved the world.

I have discussed masks before, masks have not made a difference anywhere they have been mandated.  For controlling viral infections masks are just as useful as politicians; that is to say not all.  The most recent study out of Denmark showed there was no statistical difference in infection rates between people who did and did not wear masks.  I linked and discussed this study a couple of weeks ago.

Without any evidence to back their claims, morally bankrupt politicians like Joe and their dishonest media cohorts have managed to convince people that masks are the difference between life and death.  It is not a hard lie to tell.  Everyone knows that surgeons would never work without a mask so masks must work right?  Absolutely masks work very well for what they have been designed to do.  Surgical masks are designed to keep the surgeon from accidentally infecting their patient.  Unfortunately surgical masks are not designed to prevent you from catching an airborne viral infection.

This is what John Hopkin’s University says about post-operative infections.  Infections after surgery are caused by germs. The most common of these include the bacteria StaphylococcusStreptococcus, and Pseudomonas.  So the most common infections are bacterial.  I looked up the size of these 3 problem bacteria.

Size of Selected Germs (microns)
smallest largest average
Staphylococcus 0.5 1 0.75
Streptococcus 0.5 2 1.25
Pseudomonas. 1.5 3 2.25
Sars Cov-2 0.06 0.14 0.10


A micron is one millionth of a meter so you can see bacteria are very small.  Even the smallest Bacteria are still 7.5 times larger than the corona virus.  Next I looked for data on what is the largest particle that can pass through a surgical mask.  I found this paper from 2015.

This paper found that surgical masks were unable to filter out particles smaller than 0.263-0.384 microns.  On average then particles smaller than 0.32 microns will pass freely through a surgical mask.  All of the bacterial are larger than this and would be effectively blocked by a surgical mask.  The Covid virus, however, is 3 times smaller than the openings in a surgical mask.  Surgical masks do a very good job at what they are designed to do which is to prevent the most common bacterial infections.  They offer no protection against viral infections because they were never designed to do that in the first place.

Most politicians wear fancy designer cloth masks when they are on camera.  It would take someone as unintelligent as the average politician to believe that a cloth mask provides any protection.  Cloth masks have no standard.  I could not find any data on the smallest size particle that a cloth mask can be expected block.  I was able to find that the average size of a cotton thread used to weave T shirt fabric is 120 microns in diameter.  My wife, who knows a lot more about fabrics than me, told me a 350 thread count would be a good quality fabric.  Using a 120 micron thread and a 350 thread count I calculate that the openings in the weave are 25 microns.  This is 250 times larger as the Covid 19 virus.  Using a cloth mask to prevent the spread of a virus is the same as using chain link to keep out mosquitos.

The math says we should not have expected masks to be effective.  Laboratory tests show that masks worn for more than 2 hours are completely ineffective.  Despite having no evidence to support that masks might work politicians forced them on the public anyway.  Nowhere that has mandated masks has seen any difference in the arc of their infections.  The math, science and historical data show that masks do not work against airborne viruses yet here we are wearing them to avoid being fined or imprisoned.  Does anyone still think this is about a virus?

Out Damned Spot

A Friend found this on Ivor Cummins’ website.

The author was described as a 12 year old.  Obviously this child has had enough of the covid lockdowns.  No motive was given but the child in this article made a statement by committing suicide during his zoom class.

REPORT: 11-Year-Old Dies After Shooting Himself In Head During Online Class | The Daily Caller

It was predictable that we would get here.  Many people have been warning about it.  1 Year ago If you locked a child in their home and denied them any human contact you would go to prison.  Now it is so common no one wants to talk about it.  For some bizarre reason we are willing to sacrifice children to appease a virus.  We are taking the lives of young people to combat a virus that kills nursing home residents who have lost the will to live.

Were the lives of these children worth it?  Did they give their lives so that others could live?  Below are some graphs showing how effective our interventions have been.

Texas tried to control the virus with masks.  If you did not know which state used masks could you tell by looking at the plot?

Now let’s look at Alberta and South Dakota.  South Dakota did absolutely nothing.  Alberta is in a second lockdown; here are their new cases with time.

The curves look very similar don’t they?  If I shift the South Dakota curve by 20 days they lie right on top of each other, see below

Again if I took the names off the curve would you know which one locked down and which one did not?  There is absolutely no evidence that masks or lockdowns have saved a single life.  There is plenty of evidence that these measures have taken lives.  We have driven children to the depths of despair and we have not saved a single Grand Parent.  Is every one proud of our group effort?  If we are all in this together are we then all responsible for the mental anguish we have caused?

I am never surprised when politicians prove to be unrepentant liars but even I am surprised by the pure evil on display right now.  How do we recover from this?  By allowing politicians to use cold and flu season as an excuse to kill people have we become complicit with those murders?  There are entirely too many hands with blood on them.



Normalizing Evil

I saw an ad on TV last night from the government of Canada.  The commercial was flashing between pictures of socially distanced people in masks and people living normally without masks.  The message was that we have to wear masks now so that we don’t have to wear masks anymore.  Like everything the government says they don’t want us to think too much about it.  If it is something that the government does not want us to do then it is something that I absolutely must do.

The government seems to believe deeply in Masks.  It is nothing more than a religious belief at this point but let’s go with that “logic” for a minute.  If masks are effectively preventing the spread of the virus what happens when we take them off.  The virus has not been eradicated.  The minute we take our masks off we will get infected.  If masks work how does wearing them now not lead to wearing them forever?  We could wear masks until a vaccine is available.  Oddly the ad did not mention vaccines at all; somehow masks are enough to make us all immune if we wear them for long enough.

Masks do not work against an airborne virus.  There is no evidence that forcing veils masks on the general public curbs the spread of covid 1984 or any other virus for that matter.  The best available science shows that masks are ineffective.  Do you think that Theresa Tam and Deena Hinshaw are unaware of this?  Granted those 2 women don’t seem to be the best examples of their professions but really, could they be that stupid?  They must know that masks don’t work, and that is what makes this ad so sinister.

If the government believes that masks work then they know we can never take them off, so why does the ad insinuate that we can?  If the government is aware that veils masks offer no medical benefit, then what is the true message from the ad?  The message is if we demonstrate obedience for long enough the government will allow us to return to normal.  Does anyone really believe if we are willing to give up our rights and dignity the government will give them back?

The Virus is Here to Stay

2 days ago I discussed how 98.5 % of covid fatalities in Canada have been nursing home residents.  Then today I found this study of Covid fatalities in New Jersey.

New Jersey was hit hard in the first season on covid.  They had the highest deaths per million in the US at 1940.  In the first season of Covid, Spain had the highest total for any country at 630/million.  New Jersey was 3 times higher than that.  Even the angel of death himself, Andrew Cuomo didn’t kill that many.  Nowhere in the world was hit harder than New Jersey and 89% of the people who died no longer had the will to live before they got Covid.

Covid kills nursing home residents that have lost the will to live.  It is tragic that these people have been warehoused while they wait to die.  It is even more tragic that the lockdowns have killed people who wanted to live.  We are told over and over that we must follow all the rules to avoid infecting a senior and now we find the ones that did get infected did not want to live anyway.  We killed people who wanted to live in a futile effort to save those that don’t.

It truly was a futile effort.  We are not in the second wave we are in the second season of covid 1984.  Corona viruses are seasonal.  We are going to see deaths from Covid 1984 every year from now on.  Deaths will taper off as more and more of the population gets exposed.  We are starting to see that in the data now.  There were many countries that congratulated themselves on how well their lockdowns worked.  The reality is that the lockdowns did not work at all.  What saved these countries was that Covid did not get a good foothold before summer.  Now in season 2 of covid those countries are getting hit much harder.  See the plot below

Countries that were hit hard in season 1 are seeing a much softer season 2.  Countries like Czechia that had soft season one are now seeing a very hard season 2.  You cannot hide from a virus; it does not go away.  It is easier to hold back the tides than it is to control an airborne virus.  At least with the tides you can build dykes in low lying areas.  Although if we asked the keystone cops that currently form most western governments to hold back the tides they would lock us in our homes with masks.  After a decade or two they would finish their first dyke somewhere in Saskatchewan.

The only way out of this is herd immunity.  The only country that did this correctly was Sweden and it looks like their season 2 is already over.

Not only did lockdowns not work they seem to have made season 2 much worse.  Spain and Italy had the similar deaths to Sweden despite harsh lockdowns.  They are now experiencing a much more severe season 2 than Sweden.  See the plots below.

Lockdowns don’t save anyone, not even the nursing home residents that have lost the will to live.  Lockdowns ultimately lead to more deaths.  How much more evidence do we need?  How much longer are we going to sit by enabling the killing spree that our governments started 9 months ago?