To Vaccinate or Not, That is the Question, the Answer is Easy

The whole world is patiently waiting for a vaccine to Covid 1984.  Many countries have already pre-ordered enough doses and are making preparations to inoculate their entire population.  I really have to wonder why?

To be clear I am not an anti-vaxer, but I still don’t understand why you would spend time and money to vaccinate everyone.  A vaccine is a medical procedure.  Like any medical procedure it can have complications.  Most people will not have an issue with Vaccines but that is not true of all people.  I personally know 1 person that had a severe debilitating reaction to a vaccine.  Before you undergo any medical procedure you should be clear on the risk-reward.

The Risk-reward for some vaccines is obvious.  I am more than willing to incur the risk of a polio vaccine in order to eliminate the risk of polio.  The risk-reward for a Covid Vaccine is far from clear.  If you do not live in a nursing home Covid 19 presents almost no risk.  It does not matter how small the risk of the vaccine is; taking the vaccine carries more risk than the virus.  Anyone not in a nursing home has no compelling reason to take the Vaccine other than government Tyranny.

Even the small minds in Government understand that most people do not need the vaccine and many do not want it.  This is a real problem for government.  If they let most of the population go unvaccinated it will be awfully hard to justify what they have already done.  Governments all over the world have caused untold misery protection us from a virus that poses no threat to more than 99% of the population.  If people ever wake up to that the future for these Tyrants could be very unpleasant.

The government has done their risk-reward assessment for letting people opt out of the vaccine.  The risk to the government is far too high to let anyone go unvaccinated.  That is why some governments are talking about compulsory vaccination while others are opting for heavy handed coercion.  Boris Johnson has decided to grant fundamental human rights only to the vaccinated.  See the article below.

Notice that Boris calls your vaccination record a freedom pass.  That implies that you are not free now and that you can only be free by strict obedience to government.  Someone needs to give Boris a dictionary this Christmas; he obviously does not know the meaning of Freedom.

I will not be lining up to get the vaccine and that is good news for the country.  If every Canadian gets vaccinated, we need over 37 million doses and it will take months if not years to be done.  If we only vaccinate the people who are at risk the task is much smaller.  There are 143,000 Seniors living in Nursing homes who are at risk.  Vaccinating only them is a much smaller job that can be completed in weeks.

For the last 9 months we have been told that if we were a good person, we would wear masks, socially distance, and stay unemployed.  The reason we were given was that it was the only way to protect seniors.  Of course, this was and is complete and total bullshit.  None of those things protected a single senior.  If you really want to show you are a good person, it is simple.  Do not waste the time of people who are needed to vaccinate nursing home residents.  Do not get vaccinated.  When it comes to Vaccines this might be the only time when we are all in this together and that our actions might count.