Normalizing Evil

I saw an ad on TV last night from the government of Canada.  The commercial was flashing between pictures of socially distanced people in masks and people living normally without masks.  The message was that we have to wear masks now so that we don’t have to wear masks anymore.  Like everything the government says they don’t want us to think too much about it.  If it is something that the government does not want us to do then it is something that I absolutely must do.

The government seems to believe deeply in Masks.  It is nothing more than a religious belief at this point but let’s go with that “logic” for a minute.  If masks are effectively preventing the spread of the virus what happens when we take them off.  The virus has not been eradicated.  The minute we take our masks off we will get infected.  If masks work how does wearing them now not lead to wearing them forever?  We could wear masks until a vaccine is available.  Oddly the ad did not mention vaccines at all; somehow masks are enough to make us all immune if we wear them for long enough.

Masks do not work against an airborne virus.  There is no evidence that forcing veils masks on the general public curbs the spread of covid 1984 or any other virus for that matter.  The best available science shows that masks are ineffective.  Do you think that Theresa Tam and Deena Hinshaw are unaware of this?  Granted those 2 women don’t seem to be the best examples of their professions but really, could they be that stupid?  They must know that masks don’t work, and that is what makes this ad so sinister.

If the government believes that masks work then they know we can never take them off, so why does the ad insinuate that we can?  If the government is aware that veils masks offer no medical benefit, then what is the true message from the ad?  The message is if we demonstrate obedience for long enough the government will allow us to return to normal.  Does anyone really believe if we are willing to give up our rights and dignity the government will give them back?

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    I’ll tell you when they will “ allow” us to take off our masks. They’ll tell us to take the vaccine and some will say they do not want that so they’ll choose to wear a mask. It’ll be at that point that the geniuses in government will inform us that masks don’t work and you are required to take the vaccine. Aaaaaand the good little sheep will all line up for their shot.

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