The Virus is Here to Stay

2 days ago I discussed how 98.5 % of covid fatalities in Canada have been nursing home residents.  Then today I found this study of Covid fatalities in New Jersey.

New Jersey was hit hard in the first season on covid.  They had the highest deaths per million in the US at 1940.  In the first season of Covid, Spain had the highest total for any country at 630/million.  New Jersey was 3 times higher than that.  Even the angel of death himself, Andrew Cuomo didn’t kill that many.  Nowhere in the world was hit harder than New Jersey and 89% of the people who died no longer had the will to live before they got Covid.

Covid kills nursing home residents that have lost the will to live.  It is tragic that these people have been warehoused while they wait to die.  It is even more tragic that the lockdowns have killed people who wanted to live.  We are told over and over that we must follow all the rules to avoid infecting a senior and now we find the ones that did get infected did not want to live anyway.  We killed people who wanted to live in a futile effort to save those that don’t.

It truly was a futile effort.  We are not in the second wave we are in the second season of covid 1984.  Corona viruses are seasonal.  We are going to see deaths from Covid 1984 every year from now on.  Deaths will taper off as more and more of the population gets exposed.  We are starting to see that in the data now.  There were many countries that congratulated themselves on how well their lockdowns worked.  The reality is that the lockdowns did not work at all.  What saved these countries was that Covid did not get a good foothold before summer.  Now in season 2 of covid those countries are getting hit much harder.  See the plot below

Countries that were hit hard in season 1 are seeing a much softer season 2.  Countries like Czechia that had soft season one are now seeing a very hard season 2.  You cannot hide from a virus; it does not go away.  It is easier to hold back the tides than it is to control an airborne virus.  At least with the tides you can build dykes in low lying areas.  Although if we asked the keystone cops that currently form most western governments to hold back the tides they would lock us in our homes with masks.  After a decade or two they would finish their first dyke somewhere in Saskatchewan.

The only way out of this is herd immunity.  The only country that did this correctly was Sweden and it looks like their season 2 is already over.

Not only did lockdowns not work they seem to have made season 2 much worse.  Spain and Italy had the similar deaths to Sweden despite harsh lockdowns.  They are now experiencing a much more severe season 2 than Sweden.  See the plots below.

Lockdowns don’t save anyone, not even the nursing home residents that have lost the will to live.  Lockdowns ultimately lead to more deaths.  How much more evidence do we need?  How much longer are we going to sit by enabling the killing spree that our governments started 9 months ago?