This is What Happens When You Hire the Wrong People

You may have seen this video already.  Hockey night in Canada has been a Canadian institution for 91 years and it is now against the law to play hockey in Canada.  Did anyone think they would live to see this?

There is so much to discuss with this video starting with why this ever happened in the first place.  We could discuss again that none of the lockdown measures have worked or are backed by science; but there are more important things to discuss.  The police showed up because a Karen called to report an illegal gathering.  The world has entirely too many Karens, both male and female.  This Karen called because rules were being broken.  Does this Karen call the police every time someone speeds, jaywalks, or litters?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  Karen called because he/she is convinced these healthy active young people are threatening his/her health.

How stupid do you have to be to think that what is going on a hundred meters from you, while you are safely in your home, is a threat to your health?  The media has convinced this mentally challenged justice warrior that if more than the regulated number of people gather, the covid virus will form a giant covid tornado that will lay waste to the surrounding neighborhood.  Beauty is only skin deep but stupid is to the bone.

I hate the whole idea of doxing people but this shit has got to stop.  Neighbors reporting neighbors for not complying with the government gives oxygen to tyranny.  If anyone knows the name on this Karen’s birth certificate, please publish it.  Two can play at this game.  If Karen can punish people for unauthorized hockey we can punish Karen for aiding the destruction of civil society.

Now we move on to the police.  None of these 3 officers should be cops.  Despite being belligerent it appears that his friends had convinced him to leave.  As he tries to leave he is informed he is under arrest.  Why not allow him to leave?  Don’t police have the discretion to de-escalate a situation?  It appears that the two women were just upset that he challenged their authority.  He was not arrested because he broke the rules he was arrested because he challenged their authority.  What about the third male cop?  He could not step in when he saw his colleagues losing their composure?  None of these officers have the right mental or emotional aptitude to be a cop.

What follows is almost comical.  The two women struggle to control a man on skates who is resisting but not fighting.  What if these women had to confront someone not on skates who really wanted to harm them?  If that had happened we would be reading a story this morning about two slain police officers.  These two women are not physically capable of police work.  Your tax money is going to pay for people who are not mentally of physically capable of the job.

This video completely encapsulates why we are in the mess that we are in.  The general public is so ill informed and unintelligent that they think cooperating with tyranny is righteous.  The tyranny emanates from an army of incompetent politicians and government employees.  Trudeau, Nenshi, Kenney, Horgan, Moe, Hinshaw, Tam; the list of people incapable of earning their salary is endless. We are paying top tier wages for bottom tier employees.  Remember they are our employees, so how did they become our jailers?

This stops when enough people do what this young man did; push back.  If anyone finds a go fund me page to pay for his defense please broadcast it.  I know I will contribute.  To any business person tired of being shut down please open and let me know.  I will line up to be your customer.  When the three “peace officers” from this video arrive I will also contribute to your defense.  The politicians will not stop this because then they will have to admit they crushed people for no reason.  This only stops when we stop it.


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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    I agree. Count me in as well. This garbage has to end!!!
    I know The Rebel has started a petition to stand up for him and they promise to sue the cops involved. The story of who the young man is is quite interesting as well.

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