A Covid State of Mind

This video is making the rounds.  It is both funny and sad at the same time.  Have a look.

Most people are choosing to laugh at this woman.  I have to admit I found it funny as well.  The more I thought about it the less funny and sadder it became.  This poor woman believes that covid is more dangerous to her health than inhaling fecal matter.  She is young, presumably healthy and out for a walk on a bright sunny day.  Under those circumstances she is the very definition of low risk.  So why does she feel that threatened?

The media and politicians have told her to be afraid so she is afraid.  So afraid she is not thinking rationally.  She is barely thinking at all.  Fear causes a flight or fight response.  Neither of those conditions help you solve advanced calculous.

This woman is so afraid she cannot process the information around her.  Do you see anyone in the video falling over and dying of covid in the street?  Do you think she even knows anyone who has had covid?  Why is she afraid of a virus that likely has not even impacted her life?

People confuse the impact the government is having on their life with the impact the virus is having on their life.  Covid 19 did not close a single bar, restaurant, or any other business.  Government did that.  The government wants you to believe that they had no choice because they need you to be scared.  As long as you are scared you are not thinking.  Unapproved thoughts are the greatest danger to government.

If people stopped panicking even for a moment they could ask themselves “how is this a pandemic when I don’t know anyone who has had a problem with it”?  We are over 9 months in now and I don’t know anyone who has had it.  I now know a few people who know someone who has had it.  So my knowledge of this civilization ending pandemic is all second hand.  None of the cases I am aware of were serious.  They ranged from no symptoms to mild cold like symptoms.

That is another good question to ask yourself the moment you stop panicking.  How can a disease that has killed some people do absolutely nothing to others?  Are they even the same disease?  That may seem like an odd question but if you think about it, it is the only question we should be asking right now.

How do we know all of these people have the same disease?  We test them, that’s how we know.  Unfortunately we are using a test that seems to have been designed to identify many different things as Covid.  As we discussed previously, the evidence indicates we are identifying 99% of all influenzas as Covid.  What else are we identifying as Covid?  Many people report symptoms of the common cold.  According to WebMD 20% of all colds are caused by coronaviruses.

Our testing protocols ensure that this “pandemic” will never end.  As long as we test we will find Covid 19 because it does not even have to be present to find it.  If the Pandemic never ends the panic never ends.  Panic and the irrational thinking it spawns are very useful to government.  If too many people suddenly start thinking rationally professional politicians like Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau will have their careers cut short.  We can’t have that now can we?