Covid has Made the Ministry of Truth a Reality

Several different friends sent me this.

The WHO has redefined herd immunity.  Now herd immunity is only possible with a vaccine.  Seriously this is right out of the novel 1984.  George Orwell hit the nail right on the head he just predicted it would happen 36 years sooner than it did.

To be fair to Orwell his timing was not out by the full 36 years.  Redefining words has been popular with the left for a long time now.  It has been a slow creep so defining the start is not easy.  It is very easy to say that with covid it is now on full display and it is working.

Over Christmas someone told me the reason we only have 1% of normal influenzas because of our covid restrictions.  He was at a loss to explain how the covid restrictions could eliminate influenzas but not covid.  The same for covid deaths.  He was convinced that covid was far deadlier than influenzas because the official government body count for covid was higher than a normal influenza season.  When I showed him that the spike in all-cause mortality was lower during covid than 4 of the last 10 flu seasons he told me you can’t look at total deaths.  You can only look at the total that has been approved by the government.  You are not allowed to believe your own eyes if it does not match the official government position.

This was an intelligent, university educated person who is old enough to know better.  That’s what makes this government double speak so pernicious; it works, even when it shouldn’t.

Redefining herd immunity and influenzas deaths as covid deaths is not the only double speak the government is using.  Here are some great covid double speak from the Canadian department of Truth.

  1. We are all in this together. Except no one from the government has missed a paycheck or had their lives destroyed.  This is right out of Orwell’s animal farm.  “All animals are equal.  But some animals are more equal than others”.
  2. If you object to forfeiting your rights so that someone else can benefit you are a criminal.
  3. If you demand that others forfeit their rights for your benefit you are a good citizen.
  4. We can’t use hydroxychloroquine or invermectin because they have not been studied enough. We must use lockdowns because they have not been studied at all.
  5. Any death after a positive covid test is a covid death even if the person was a gunshot victim.
  6. Exploding infections after lockdowns or masks have been enforced is proof that we need more lockdowns and masks.
  7. Before we get a vaccine masks and suspension of rights are necessary. We need a vaccine to get back to normal.  After we get a vaccine normal will be masks, and suspension of rights.

This is not about a virus.  It never has been.  Wake the fuck up.