Turning Canada around requires knowledge Canadians do not possess

Canada’s economy is in a downwards spiral.  Things are so bad even the compliant Canadian media can no long ignore the problem

 “The persistent slump in both business investment and exports is symptomatic of structural shortcomings in Canada’s economy. These include low rates of business formation, regulatory uncertainty, barriers to investment (especially in the resources sector), restrictions on internal trade, faltering confidence of foreign investors in Canada, and low levels of productivity and innovation.

Regulatory uncertainty, investment restrictions, and trade restrictions are all caused by government.  Lorrie Goldstein might be too cowardly to say it but I am not; the problem with the Canadian economy is that Canada has too much government.  Not to worry though because our finance minister has a plan that involves even more government.

Freeland assured Canadians the government would address the issue by “investing in people … the green transition and … innovation and productivity.”

This by the way is our finance minister explaining that her number one priority for the Canadian economy is sending money to a corrupt country that Canada does virtually no trade with.


I think I need to adjust my previous statement.  The problem with Canada’s economy is that Canada has too much government and all of it is corrupt and incompetent.

Trudeau has finally made things so bad that even normally clueless Canadian’s are starting to notice that for the first time in our history the future looks very bad indeed.

A new survey conducted by TD Bank Group shows that nearly 60 per cent of Canadian parents are concerned about their children’s financial future, primarily due to the impact of inflation and the prevailing economic uncertainties in the country.

The next generation of Canadians face declining a declining standard of living but CTV and the pollsters want you to know there is a solution; financial literacy.

According to the survey published on Wednesday, an overwhelming majority of surveyed parents (89 per cent) believe that their confidence in their children’s financial future would improve if their kids gained better financial knowledge before their teenage years.

Of course this is just the media and polling companies carry water for Justin Trudeau.  The poll was designed to absolve Justin of his guilt.  It was not Justin who stole your child’s future.  You are the Thief.  Your child’s future is at risk because you failed to teach them about finances.

So according to the CTV and the pollsters the solution to problems caused by the financial illiteracy of the Trudeau liberals is to improve the financial literacy of everyone else.  In a way I agree with them.  Improved financial literacy could get us out of this but only if it is used to inform voting choices.  That is probably why government public schools don’t teach finance or economics beyond explaining how wonderful socialism is.