The Road Back To Normal Will Have To Bypass Most Politicians

Once again republican women are at the forefront of dismantling the Covid tyranny gripping the entire western world.  Of course the undisputed champion of common sense and Human rights was South Dakota governor Kristi Noem.  She refused to enforce any covid regulations.  She was vilified by the press but guess what happened.

South Dakota looks exactly like their neighbor to the north.  North Dakota closed and restricted business.  They also mandated masks.  All of this to have exactly the same results as South Dakota that did nothing.  South Dakota even hosted the famous Sturgis motor cycle rally.

Now Iowa republican governor Kim Reynolds has finally seen the light.  On Sunday all covid 1984 restrictions in Iowa will be lifted, including the mask mandate.  See the article below.

Gov. Reynolds lifting all COVID-19 restrictions on Iowa businesses (

In Canada the petty tyrants who hold power are quick to tell us we can never go back to normal.  Restrictions will be left in place even after we are all vaccinated. The thought that we can not go back to normal is just another government lie.  South Dakota never departed from normal and Iowa is going back to normal after vaccinating only 2.5% of the population.

The reality is that very few people need to be vaccinated and unfortunately a large number of them have already died of government incompetence.  Last spring Covid did not have time to run its course before summer arrived.  That meant the virus was still in the epidemic stage at the beginning of this winter.  Countries were hit hard.  The lighter the impact last spring the harder the impact this winter, but it is over now.  All without a Vaccine.

Does this mean that no one will ever die of Covid again?  No it does not.  We still have a few weeks of winter yet and unfortunately more people will die.  Covid will also reappear next fall.  How do I know that?  Because all seasonal viruses behave this way.  When Covid returns next year the impact will be small.  Most people will already be immune.  That is the difference between epidemic and endemic.

There is one Caveat on my prediction of a small impact next year.  Most of the hardship we have endured has not been due to the Sars cov2 virus.  It was due to a different virus named politicians.  If we enter next cold and flu season with these same petty tyrants in charge we will be in for another season of masks and lockdowns.  After all, the tyranny we have faced over the last 12 months has had nothing to do with a virus.  It is up to us to make sure this can not happen again.

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  1. Jason Goodfellow
    Jason Goodfellow says:

    A few words that stood out to me in that link is “taking reasonable measures under the circumstances”. All that is needed is just a little perspective and a government that trusts the public they will be responsible. We need more leaders like Gov. Reynolds and Gov. Noem.

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