In 2021 it is Not Even Possible to Define Bizarre.

2020 was a trying year.  It was a year when the average IQ in every western country dropped by at least 10 points.  In 2020 politicians promoted themselves to kings and we watched idly while it happened.  No one was at all concerned that our new royalty had a long history of incompetence prior to their royal ascent.  2020 would have been the least explainable year in history if it were not for 2021.

In 2021 people wearing 2 masks scream at those only wearing one.  The downward spiral of our average IQ has only accelerated.  Governments are tightening covid regulations at a time when covid cases are falling dramatically everywhere.  While we were preoccupied with how many masks to wear no one noticed the pandemic has ended.  Worse yet while we were busy saving the world by closing restaurants, China engineered a coup in the US.  In any other year that would have been quite a big deal, in 2021 no one cared.

If all of this was not enough to convince you that everything you once knew was inverted, in 2021 now we have this.  Vladimir Putin has become the voice of reason and champion of the middle class.  This is his speech at the world Economic Forum.

Putin points out that the economic policies of the west have made billionaires wealthier at the expense of the middle class.  Then he has the gall to point out that corona virus restrictions have only made that worse.  Russia’s policies are based on saving working people, not the planet.  Climate change gets only a passing reference.  Vladimir definitely did not get the memo before he wrote his speech.

Klaus Schwab is likely firing the person who invited Putin today.  12 years have passed since the last time Putin was invited to speak at the World economic forum.  It will be at least that long before he is invited back.

In 2021 leaders in the “Free” world tell us there is no way forward without stripping us of all rights.  Vladimir Putin, a man vilified as the world most dangerous tyrant, speaks about lifting and empowering Russian citizens.  Someday this situation will show up in Jeopardy under “things that could never happen in a sane world”.  Maybe that is why this man wonders if he has gone insane.

It is certainly difficult to wrap your head around just how bizarre 2021 has been so far, and it is only February.  Now to make it worse, as this lady points out, we must deal with super spreaders.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I too feel that I must have gone insane just as that bloke in the first video. It seems unlikely for 7 billion people to have gone insane at the same time while only a few hundred people haven’t.

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