Covid did not Kill Politics and Politicians did

A few days ago, I linked a video with a doctor discussing the effectiveness of Vitamin D.  Today a friend sent me this.

Andalucía is a province/State on the southern tip of Spain.  This winter politicians of Andalucía did something truly remarkable; they helped.  Instead of resorting to brutal Tyranny they followed the science.  The Government of Andalucía handed out Vitamin D.  You can see from the plot that they saw an immediate benefit.

Prior to encouraging people to use Vitamin D deaths in Andalucía were rising just as quickly as the UK.  Deaths fell dramatically after the introduction of Vitamin D.  There was data from the Spring that indicated Vitamin D was effective against Covid.  There has never been any evidence that Lockdowns were effective against Covid.  Every government in the world should have avoided lockdowns and opted for effective measures like vitamin D yet none of them did.  Lockdowns clearly serve another purpose that is unrelated to Covid.

Today I also found this paper.

Inhaled budesonide in the treatment of early COVID-19 illness: a randomised controlled trial | medRxiv

Last spring doctors noticed that asthma patients seemed to be unaffected by Covid.  This was very curious.  Intuitively you would expect a respiratory virus to be problematic for Asthma patients.  Yet it was not.  This led doctors to speculate that asthma drugs worked on covid.

A trial was initiated.  73 covid patients were given Budesonide while 73 were given a placebo.  The drugs worked so well the trail was stopped early.  It was not ethical to give the control group a placebo when the results were so good.  The inhaled Budesonide caused a 90% reduction in hospitalization.

This study was only published this week but some doctors have been using asthma drugs to treat Covid for 7 months now.  The media, of course, did not report this.  I also imagine that doctors were reluctant to publicly broadcast their success.  Doctors that were successfully using hydroxychloroquine saw the drug get banned as soon as the politicians found out that it worked.

So far, we have learned that Covid can be successfully treated at very low cost.  Vitamin D, Anti-Parasite drugs, Asthma inhalers, and cancer drugs all work.  Doctors cannot seem to find a drug that does not work against covid 19.  This has got to be the most treatable disease in history so why did so many people die?  Politics and showboating public officials, that is why.

The proper role of a public health official is to make our system as strong as possible.  Dominatrix Deena should have organized teams of researchers to comb through all the available literature.  They should have disseminated this information to doctors and set up trials.  Instead, Deena wasted her time on press conferences and lockdowns.  No press conference or lockdown has ever cured or prevented a single Covid case.

The lack of leadership, scientific understanding, and common sense displayed by politicians and senior health officials is astounding.  If this group of keystone cops is the best we have then we are doomed.  It is hard to believe they could be so incompetent, but the alternative is horrifying.  Imposing lockdowns and ignoring effective treatments is causing unnecessary deaths.  If this is not gross incompetence, then it is evil on an industrial scale.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Bottom line is every politician that is not standing up to the lockdowns and mask bs need to be removed from their job, right from the prime minister down to the local councillor. ALL USELESS.

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