Time to Call it. It is Over

The media may be reluctant to say this, but I am not.  The epidemic is over.  Feel free to take off your mask and stop screaming at people not wearing 2.  Worldwide covid cases have been dropping for 4 weeks.  Deaths have been falling for 2.  That can be seen in the plots below.

Of course, the Sars Cov 2 virus will not go away it will always be with us.  When a new virus appears, it passes from the epidemic to endemic stage after herd immunity is reached.  Because Covid hit near the end of the last winter season no country reached herd immunity.  That meant that we entered this season still in the epidemic phase.  Anti-body testing in countries like Sweden and India have confirmed this.  Those tests also confirm we are now at or approaching herd immunity.

Covid Vaccines were developed and approved in record time and they are still too late.  We do not need them anymore.  The end of the epidemic is horrible financial news for companies that had dreams of selling billions of vaccine doses.  It is even worse new for politicians who were hoping to ride their dark horse of covid straight into the great reset.  Clearly something needed to be done so now we have this.


The target is now Zero Covid.  This is simply not possible.  Viruses do not go away, and Vaccines are not 100% effective.  Politicians are using this as an excuse to permanently erase our rights.

This report came from Ireland where arguably they reached heard immunity 10 months ago.  The plot below is from Euromomo.

No one in Ireland has died from covid since last spring and in the UK hospitals are empty.  Last January before Covid hit there were over 92,000 people in hospital.  This January with the “UK variant” spreading unchecked there are 77,600 people in hospital.  So, in the middle of a civilization ending pandemic, the UK has 14% fewer people in hospital than normal.  You can find those numbers in this article.


Infections are dropping, deaths are falling, and hospitals are empty.  That sounds like a great reason to keep us locked down forever doesn’t it?  If this does not convince you that the lockdowns have a purpose that is unrelated to the virus nothing will.

The frustrating reality is that even prior to reaching the end of the epidemic we really did not have much of a problem.  Covid was no more deadly than a bad flu and we were aware of effective treatments last spring went it hit.  Unfortunately, those treatments were not popular with politicians who wanted to keep us locked down while they transferred our wealth to billionaires.  Remember this doctor?  She is rightfully pissed.

This doctor was mocked and slandered by the media for daring to recommend hydroxychloroquine.  It is amazing how not all black lives matter.  Black criminals who get killed resisting arrest are very important.  Black doctors trying to help their patients, not so much.

While Canadians are waiting patiently for the Prime Moron to figure out that paying for Vaccines is not the same as receiving vaccines, doctors are finding even more effective treatments.  Doctors in Israel have found cancer drugs that are effective against Covid.


It is time to call an end to this farce.  We do not need lockdowns or Vaccines. It is over.  Save the Vaccines for people who are really at risk and let Doctors treat the rest.  The only thing left to do is root out the evil and corrupt politicians that turned this ridiculously small problem into a cataclysmic event.  That friends will be far more difficult than living with a new virus.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    There are a lot of very good business owners/ people who are out of work. There are a lot of lousy politicians who should be out of work. My solution: if you are looking for a challenge and want to make a difference please consider running in the upcoming elections. Everyone needs to be replaced from school boards, county councillors, reeves, city council, mayors EVERYONE. If these losers would’ve really cared about us they would’ve stood up for us and we sure as heck wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. Please run!!

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      I agree completely Tim. They all have to go. Even the ones sitting in opposition. Not a single one of them stood up and said this was wrong. Everyone just criticized the government for not being harsh enough. We don’t just need to change the people we also need to change the laws. there should not be conditional rights and the government should not be able to declare an emergency without proving there is an emergency. In Alberta Jason Kenney declared an emergency with 3 positive tests. He did not even have 3 sick people and we had an emergency? that emergency was extended for the next 11 months. the worst we saw was about 950 people in the hospital. that is 0.02%. How is it an emergency when 99.98% of the population is not in the hospital?

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