Canada Needs More Columnists Like Anthony Furey

I have been highly critical of the media and their role in creating the problems we face now.  Most journalists have served as nothing more than propagandists for tyrannical governments.  There have been a few exceptions and I have to give credit where credit is due.  Lately Anthony Furey of the Toronto Sun has started to question the government’s covid response.  Below is his column from today.

Anthony is a little late to the party.  I discussed Colonel Redman’s assessment of our emergency response months ago.  Better late than never though.  Especially when we are talking about a journalist with national exposure.  I wrote Anthony this letter this morning to try and encourage his curiosity.  If he keeps this up maybe some masked covidiots will sit up and take notice.

Mr. Furey

I was happy to read your column this morning in which you quoted Colonel Redmond.  Finally someone in the main stream media is seeking out actual experts.  To this point in the “pandemic” the media has preferred to quote “experts” whose only expertise is yelling the sky is falling very loudly.

If the media had bothered to seek out real experts, they would have found some very important things.  The following is a list of things known before anyone became ill.

  • Viruses do not go away. There is no reasonable measure that can be taken to prevent infections.  All lock down measures can hope to do is slow the infection.  This is not a cure it just prolongs the epidemic and misery.
  • Ultra violet light destroys viruses. This means outdoor activities are safe.  It also means UV light can be used to sterilize people and packages that enter sensitive areas.
  • Anti-parasite drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are also strong anti-virals. The NIH published a paper in 2005 about how effective hydroxychloroquine was against corona viruses.

Then within the first few weeks of the Pandemic we learned some things specific to Covid 19.

  • Due to cross T cell immunity many people may already be immune. Healthy people were quarantined with infected people on the diamond princess cruise ship.  This was a perfect petri dish for infection yet 83% of people did not get infected.
  • Vitamin D reduces infections and mortality. In New York a disproportionate number of black and brown people got infected and died.  This was true of health care workers and average citizens.  Studies have shown low Vitamin D levels negatively impact immunity.  Recently published studies show people with low vitamin D levels are almost 15 times more likely to die from Covid.
  • Covid 19 is almost exclusively a problem for elderly people in poor health. For people under 70 influenza is a far greater risk than Covid.

All of this information should have made covid 19 easy to handle.  We knew how to protect and treat the most vulnerable people.  We even knew where to find these vulnerable people.  They almost all live in nursing homes.

Covid 19 is so ridiculously easy to handle it should have amounted to nothing more than a speed bump.  Instead politicians threw out all common sense and turned a small problem into an enormous problem.  The financial and societal destruction caused by the government’s irrational response will haunt us for decades to come.

Please continue to question this farce and while you are at it here are some other questions to ask.

  1. There was no science to support anything the government has done, therefore there was no reason to believe that it would work. If they had no reason to believe that it would work, why did they do it?
  2. Why did governments persist in doing the same stupid things long after it could be shown that it was not working?
  3. Why did governments willfully ignore science that said Vitamin D and anti-parasite drugs could help protect seniors?
  4. What happened to skepticism in journalism?
  5. Why were journalists so eager to support the unconstitutional dictates of government?

Please keep up your good work.  We do not need vaccine to solve this problem we just need the truth and common sense.  Canada needs far more journalists like you.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Catherine Murray of BNN criticized the government on vaccines and announced that she would be leaving BNN this week. Danielle Smith from Alberta is going to be off the air in a few weeks said she cannot speak freely on live radio anymore. I hope Anthony has not been threatened for writing that article or is already on his way out. Disgraceful what is happening. On a positive note many of these people are going online and this Big Lie will wake more people up into finding their own news. Confidence in the Government and Media is definitely declining and they are scared. Hence the censorship.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    By firing these free thinking journalists and talk show hosts the govt is proving they have something to hide. This only opens the eyes of more people each time it happens and I would think a scorned online blogger/ YouTuber will say a lot more than they would’ve in their old job. Or at least until they’re banned from that too.

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