Broken beyond repair

Canadian’s are taught that our judicial system is designed to protect the public.  Like much of what is taught in Canadian Public schools this is a lie.  The judicial system in Canada serves only one purpose.  It protects the government.  That is exactly why we are still prosecuting people for violating COVID rules even though the evidence is overwhelming that none of these rules worked.

One high profile COVID rule breaker is Randy Hillier a former member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament.  Hillier was charged multiple times for violating various inane COVID restrictions and his case is finally in court.  Hillier’s defense is very simple; an emergency should not negate all rights.

“Emergencies don’t just become Charter-free territory,” Henna Parmar, one of Hillier’s lawyers, told Ontario Superior Court Judge John Callaghan.

The Ontario government rebuts that statement by pointing out that the charter of rights allows them to violate rights.

Ontario concedes that Hillier’s freedom of assembly was violated, but claims it was done in a manner that can be justified under the Charter.

Don’t’ hold your breath waiting for a Canadian news agency to point out the obvious.  If rights can be denied in a manner that can be justified by the charter of rights then you do not have a charter of rights.

With that statement the Ontario government proved Hillier’s case.  They did violate his rights but according to the government they had to because the hospitals were full.

While these laws were in effect from April 7 to June 7, 2021, hospitalizations were at their highest ever, and the health-care system was nearing capacity and “compromising care for all patients,” according to the province’s Science Table. Case numbers were running away all across the province, and less than three per cent of people were vaccinated, Cookson said.

In Canada most provincial governments like Ontario exercise a complete monopoly on health care.  They are 100% in control of hospital capacity.  So this is a completely circular argument.  If the government can deny rights based on hospital capacity then they can suspend rights indefinitely by closing hospitals.  Any judge that would accept this argument is a lunatic that has no business in a court room.  But this is Canada, a country where most judges are appointed based on political ideology not jurisprudence; so I don’t like Hillier’s chances.

One of Hillier’s many COVID offences was attending a protest.  Not just any protest mind you; just the wrong kind of protest.  Hillier would have been free to attend any of the BLM protests which were allowed during the ban on outdoor gatherings.  He was just not allowed to attend a COVID policy protest.  The Ontario Government does not plan to supply evidence of what makes BLM protests safe and COVID protests dangerous.  They do, however, plan to enter fairy tales in to evidence.

Hassan argued Ontario did not have evidence that small outdoor gatherings were a particular risk, and relied too heavily on the superspreader case of a large motorcycle rally in North Dakota that also had indoor activities.

The rally that they are referring to is the Sturgis motor cycle rally which occurred in South not North Dakota (details do tend to be highly irrelevant to Canadian media).  South Dakota had no COVID restrictions only voluntary guidelines which the rally organizers chose to ignore.  The rally was immediately branded as a super spreader event by mainstream media.  When the media act in unison they are lying, and the Sturgis reporting was not an exception to that rule.  The media ridiculously over reported the impact of the rally based on computer modelling.

The real numbers are now available.  The models were only high by 57,451%.  You read that correctly.  The standard of accuracy for academic and media publication is now +/- 60,000%.

This is completely in line with their hysterical reporting on the effectiveness of all COVID restrictions which South Dakota proves had absolutely no effect.

Isn’t it amazing how justice works in Canada?  The government gets media to support their case by printing lies.  Then the media articles are entered in to evidence to support the government position.  Imaginary, often contradictory, evidence is all it takes to subjugate an entire country with the full support of the justice system.  Canada is broken beyond repair.

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