So far property confiscation is right on schedule

On July 15th I cautioned that Justin Trudeau was intentionally creating a homelessness crisis by dumping migrants on to city streets.  I believe that his is the first step towards eliminating private property.  As winter approaches Canadians will at first be pressured and then mandated to opening their homes.

Some people will voluntarily open their homes.  The media will then dutifully report what an enriching experience it has been while downplaying reports of any “guests” who are more demanding than grateful.  Trudeau will continue to pour people on to the streets and they media will start printing stories about how not enough people are stepping up to “do the right thing”.  Lists will be compiled of people with spare rooms and they will be publicly shamed.  Taxes or fines will be introduced for anyone selfishly hoarding their private property.  Fines will be introduced until no one but the elite living in empty mansions can afford not to give up control of their property.

My blog post can now safely be filed under the category of I told you so.  The same day I posted the statement above, this article came out.  It seems the Massachusetts government has beaten Trudeau to the punch.  The state is asking residents to “temporarily” host migrants.

Massachusetts officials are seeking residents willing to host newly arrived families in need of shelter. Hosts are asked to provide a room or apartment for a few days, until longer-term accommodations can be arranged.

Even my prediction that it would start as an appeal to citizens to do the right thing was spot on.

“While the state is trying to figure out exactly what to do and [how] to open up more shelters, I think we — as citizens, as members of our community — we also need to play a role,”

I have a question for you.  How temporary do you think this will be?  Keep in mind that this request comes from the people that stretched 2 weeks to flatten the curve into more than 104 weeks.  I can all but guarantee this program will not be temporary.  Why would it be?  Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are creating a problem for state and provincial governments.  As soon as citizens open their homes the problem gets downloaded on to the home owners.  Why would the state and provincial governments do anything at that point?  As far as they would be concerned the problem is dealt with.

Anyone who opens their home will find out the hard way that government is not your friend; quite the opposite in fact.  Once you have taken in migrants you will never get rid of them.  They certainly won’t leave when they are getting free accommodation and just because the accommodation is free, don’t think they will not have tenants’ rights.  Judges will surely side with the migrants and rule that they have a right to stay.  Accepting migrants in to your home will not be a temporary commitment; it will be a permanent lifelong obligation to support someone the government foisted upon you.

Technically you will still own your house but you will no longer control what happens with it.  Your only way out will be to sell the house but how will you do that when it comes with a tenant that does not pay rent?  Effectively all the equity is gone.  The free market value of the house will be zero.  You will in fact own nothing and Klaus Schwab will be very happy indeed.